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29-08-06, 16:30
There is one of them here again. March 23rd 1983 was one heck of a baby-booming day.

That date could be a title for a movie by some horror director.

They seem to know who we are. But do they know that we know who they are and where they live…?

If I were born on March 23rd 1983 I would be really scared now:cool:


Paivi T
12-09-06, 14:48
...and another one, with a repulsive "username", seems to be trying to join the Forum. Please kick the spam-monger out of here, back under whichever rock he happens to belong.

Paivi T
17-09-06, 19:12
...and yet another one trying to sneak in, his username visible now as the latest member. Kick him out of here, as far as possible!

Päivi T *no fan of spammers or phishers*

Paivi T
18-09-06, 05:46
...and now a third. How annoying. -- Thanks for quick removals of the previous "entrepreneurs", and give this one a fast boot off the forum, too. They should set up a forum of their own and have a good time spamming each other.

Päivi T

18-09-06, 06:58
Yes, lots of these spammers are around - and will be for a long time I fear.

When I will have the possibility to update the forum software to the newest version I will have a better possibility to fight them. For now the only way is to remove the one single thing they "fish" for, ie. publicity via the visibility of their posted links in the user control panel.

Just now no inregistered user, no user "on the hold" waiting for acceptance and therefore no search engine spiders will see this information - therefore these spammers' work (btw - shouldn't be called "work") will not get the impact they desire.

We - Finlander members - will see this information since we can see everything. But - until I get these "members" kicked out - please remember that you needn't read the information. If the birth date is the magical March 23rd just take a pill against the blood pressure and carry on as normal.

Until today's date this same dirtbag has regostered some 80 times - and been kicked out as many times.


June Pelo
18-09-06, 17:56

You said this "dirtbag" has registered 80 times - persistent cuss isn't he? Is he from the US or elsewhere? Is there a chance any of us might recognize his name? Wonder why he is so desperate to register. After all there are many other places he can probably get in much easier.


18-09-06, 19:00

This dirtbag is one of many spammers who use a technique where they plant URL addresses all over the Internet. Therefore forums and other interactive web sites are popular. Finlander isn't the only one. Every day, several times a day they all start an automated process, "a spambot", which accesses a predefined list of targets according to a recipe for each type of web sites. vBulletin forums get a certain attention, other forum types another attention. Wiki data collections get their attention. etc, etc.
In all these types the spammers list one or more of the links they promote - and get paid for promoting. These links they want to get indexed by the search engin spider -processes type Google. If they succeed the "spam URL address" they promote becomes more serious and accepted within the search engine.

So the dirtback isn't alone. And Finlander is not the only web site of interest to him.

And he is doing it in vain. Indexing search spiders cannot see the member information and we Finlander members are too clever to read his/her spams. Aren't we?

Hopefully this makes some sense to you all...