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June Pelo
30-08-06, 21:31
According to Kelviå records: Kelviå: Peer Thomasson Liedes married Lisa Mattsdotter Korpijärvi on 17 Mar 1707.

I found that Matts Larsson Korpijärvi, 1656-1727, married ca 1680 to Elisabet Larsdotter. I tried to find out if they had a daughter Lisa, b. 1687 or thereabouts, who would have married Per Liedes. According to Juuret Kälviällä Matts and his wife had 8 children born between 1681-1698, but there was no child named Lisa. Usually the eldest daughter is named after her mother, in this case it would be Lisa Mattsdotter Korpijärvi. I also noted in the above family that a child was born about every two years, except the period between 1683-1689 when there were no children born, dead or alive. This makes me wonder if there could have been a daughter Lisa b. ca 1687 to this family. Perhaps the person who gathered data for Juuret Kälviälla didn't have access to all the birth records for that time period. It's my understanding that the baptismal register started 1688 so Lisa could have been before that. And the communion books (family books) for Kelviå started 1723. Does someone have an opinion about this or suggest who the parents of Lisa Mattsdotter Korpijärvi could be? The Caino-Torp book shows that Per Thomasson Liedes, 1680-1753, married 24 Nov 1707 in Vetil to Lisa Mattsdotter Puumalainen, 1687-1767. The Caino-Torp book also shows that a Lisa Mattsdotter Puumalainen-Frisk, 1687-1747, married 24 Nov 1707, Vetil to Pål Henriksson Suomalax, 1675-1722. The book shows they were daughters of Matts Hansson Puumala-Puumalainen, with both being b. 13 Nov 1687. I think there were two women named Lisa Mattsdotter, both married in 1707 to different men. And somehow both of them have been erroneously considered to be the same Lisa. I've contacted the Caino-Torp Committee about this but so far we haven't been able to solve the matter.

Can someone add anything to this or tell us how we can solve the problem?


Hakunti Tiina
15-10-06, 11:04
Hi June. I looked also the book Juuret Kälviällä. Matti and Liisa have had these mentioned child and also 5 child who where died very young.
Their names and year of birth is no on the book.
I thought that died children were born in between 1684/1691, 1695/1697, 1699/1703.
On the end of 1690, there was the years of famine, so it explain why was no children born and why so many died young. Almost over third of Kälviä county's population were died then.
Could Lisa Mattsdotter have been hired to Korpijärvi house?

June Pelo
15-10-06, 23:14

Thanks for checking about this. So far no one has been able to solve the problem. The Caino-Torp committee has looked into it, but I haven't heard anything more about what they are doing. It's still a puzzle about Lisa Mattsdotter Korpijärvi and her parents.