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Alice Finnerty
31-08-06, 03:29
I work part time as a deputy clerk for a township in my county. To make a long story short - In very old boxes dating back to the early 1900 - we came across old death certificates that were not turned over to the county when township no longer kept those kinds of records. These records I found have some specifics but some are vague facts. We will have to turn them in soon to the county but will make copies of these certificates before this is done. I found many Finns and Swedes in these books.
I would like to know if there is some organization within the Finlander Forum that would like copies of these for their records? I would be glad to send the copys to any organization that would use them to help find ancestors.
Thanks for any advice you can offer.

June Pelo
31-08-06, 22:43

I think the Swedish Finn Historical Society would be the logical place for this data. Usually Syrene is online, and I don't know if anyone else there checks out the mail. Hasse, do you know?


01-09-06, 06:44
Hi Alice & June

Would guess that SFHS would be interested.

I know that at least Syrene checks Finlander. I'll drop her a line - maybe she has settled after their trip to Finland by now?

Are the records as paper records or are they scanned?


Alice Finnerty
07-09-06, 04:02
These records are the orginial records in a bound book. There was a county hospital aka county TB sanitorum aka poor house in this township and most of the records refelect the place of death as this facility.
I took the time to read these like a book - very interesting and many are Swedes and Finns. Even tho there is a name of the deceased - there is no name for the parents but will have the country of orgin.
I guess i got excited about finding this as these people most likely won't be found in the county index of deaths. I am taking copies because once these records are turned over, there will be a charge. Iam interested in sharing this with someone.
Keep me posted if anyone is interested.

07-09-06, 08:16
I live 50 minutes south (by car) from the SFHS office in Seattle and I would be happy to receive the records and deliver them. You can send them to me via email (if scanned) or mail them to my home if you would like. Please send me a private message and I will provide you with my home address. Or, if Syrene should contact you in the interim, you can arrange with her. Either way, please let me know.

What an incredible find!


09-09-06, 21:13
Dear Alice,
The Swedish Finn Historical Society would be VERY interested in archiving copies from your county. You have an excellent nose for historically important material. There may even be some information from the earliest dates which could be made available to more people via the SFHS website. Privacy for descendents would dictate the parameters for any activity like that.

If you would care to mail the materials to me I'll take them on to the SFHS offices. We live only fifteen minutes from there, and go in nearly every Thursday and Monday when we're in town. SFHS would be pleased to reimburse you the postage costs.

Thanks so much for offering the copies to SFHS. And Thanks to Hasse for sending me the "heads up". We're back from Finland now one week, but I'm caught up with everything.


Alice Finnerty
10-09-06, 00:43
Deb, Syrene, Hasse and June
Thanks so much for responding to me and for your advice.
Syrene - Please PM me with an address.
These copies will be in the mail the middle of this upcomming week. The copys and postage is my gift to SFHS. I hope in some way this will benefit someone there and here at the Finlander Forum and help them find their heritage - Like so many here help my sister Shirley and me find our heritage. Thank you FF - you have given us our hertiage as well as new relatives and great friends. You all are the BEST.