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04-09-06, 00:58

I have been off the line for some while in the summer, spending a lot of my time outdoors, off the computer. Now when I opened my database (generated with Personal Ancestral File) I suddenly found that I have a lot of records DUPLICATED!!! This must be something with my program, because all my errors in names are also duplicated!!!

This means that I have a lot of people notified twice, with all their familymembers!

I am very confused about this error in my database. Does anybody know how this could have happened?

Of course I have a feature of combining people with similar names, but this feature only combine them two by two if you accept it. So I have to sit many days with my database (35000 names) until everything is checked.


I do have a backup copy which seems to be OK and I can go back to this and work on. Some information that I have put in the last month is lost however.

Christian Dahlin

04-09-06, 18:22
Hi Christian !
This could happens when you merge files together.Itīs also happens to me once .I have no good solution for the problems other then only add the family branches you like to add with so few people as possible each time.And then merge the double names.Good luck !

K-G Molander
16-10-06, 18:42

Before you merge any PAF5 files make sure you have a backup copy if things go bad!! Following text describes one way of merging files by names.

The program can identify records that may be for the same individual. It displays both records so that you can see them. You can then decide whether or not to merge them.

Tip: At any time during the merge process, you can click the Options button to change the merge options.

From the Tools menu, select Match/Merge.

The program asks if you want to make a backup copy. If you do not have a current backup copy, click Yes, and make a backup copy.

To merge records with names that sound alike, click Names That Sound Alike (Soundex). Or to merge records with exact names, click Names With Exact Spelling.

If you want to use advanced options, follow these steps:

Click Advanced.

Mark the options that you want to use.

Tip: Normally, the program considers only the first given name and the surname when it identifies potential duplicates. For example, William Brandt and William Henry Brandt could be duplicates. If you want the program to consider the entire given name and the surname, mark Consider Middle Names.

Click OK.

Click Next Match.

The program displays the records. Decide if they are for the same individual. To see both individuals' marriage information, click the Marriage Information tab. To see both individuals' parents and children, click the Family Information tab.

If the records are not duplicates, click Next Match. Repeat step 6. If they are duplicates, go to the next step.

Select the record that you want to keep in the .paf file.

Tip: The record on the left (the primary individual) will remain in the .paf file. The record on the right (the duplicate individual) will be deleted. If you would rather keep the record on the right side of the screen as the Primary Record, click Switch.

Select the information that you want to transfer from the duplicate individual to the primary individual.

If you do not want to add a piece of information to the primary record, click the checkbox to unmark it.

If you want to replace information in the primary individual's record with information in the duplicate individual's record, click the checkbox to mark it.

The duplicate individual's spouses and parents will be added to the primary individual if the parents or spouses are different. Mark the checkbox next to the parents if you want the duplicate parents to be the primary parents.

Click Merge.

Tip: If the merged record lists the same spouse more than once, the spouses also have duplicate records. The program should eventually find and merge them. If you want to verify that they get merged, note the names and RINs of the duplicate spouses.

To merge other records, repeat steps 5 to 10.

To quit using merge, click Close.