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04-09-06, 19:51
Does anyone know where I might find the records of my great uncle who died 1918 just after his was called up at the Civilian Draft Registration in 1918 in Chicago? His family lived at that time in Detroit, Mich and he died in Michigan. I have a postcard from France and I think the soldier might be my great uncle, because he writed to my grandma. Two weeks later he was dead.

04-09-06, 20:54
Hellp Bengt !

What was the name of your great uncle?

MVH Kerstin

05-09-06, 10:18
Hi Kerstin

My great uncle's name was Karl Oskar Ňkerman or Charles Oscar Ackerman, born 5.4.1881 in Korsholm, Finland and died 22.12.1918 in Detroit, Mich.

MVH Bengt

05-09-06, 14:33
Here is WW1 Registration on Charles Oscar Ackerman. I've found nothing on his death in Detroit, Michigan yet.


05-09-06, 15:22
Hello Denise

This paper is familiar to me, but I can't read who his nearest relative is. Are you able to read the writings?

Thank you in any case.;)

Karen Norwillo
05-09-06, 17:41
1918 was the time of the Spanish Flu Pandemic. 3814 people died in Detroit alone. It is doubtful that Charles would have been called to duty if he needed a cane to walk. Although he registered by law doesn't mean he actually served.

05-09-06, 18:11
Tank you Karen for the information.

Anyway, Iím still looking for his nearest relatives. In the paper is the name writed down, but I can't read it.

Best regards


05-09-06, 18:30
The name looks like Werner Ackerman, Detroit, Michigan. In 1920 Ellis Island has a single Werner Akerman (24 yrs) travelling back to Detroit from Finland. His mom is listed as Edla Akerman, Dragnasback, Braniow 76.

Could this possibly be a relative?

05-09-06, 18:32
The last name of nearest relative is Ackerman, unsure of first name.


05-09-06, 18:44
I also think that the first name is Werner, and last name is Ackerman.

MVH Kerstin

05-09-06, 18:53
Ellis Island 1915
Karl Oscar Akermann, 34 yrs, mechanic, father - Jacob Akermann, Wasa, going to wife Mabel Akermann in Chicago. He originally came to USA in 1898.

05-09-06, 19:19
Thank you all.

This Werner was Charles younger brother and Edla was theirs mother. Werner lived also in Detroit. At 1918 he was divorced from Mabel L born about 1891. They had two daughters Armorel and Virginia. Armorel was born 1910, but I haven't found anything more. I have several years tried to research the girls, but still I have nothing.



05-09-06, 19:29
1910 United States Federal Census Record

Name: Charles O Ackerman
[Charles B Ackerman]
Age in 1910: 29
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1881
BirthPlace: Antarctica
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Antarctica
Mother's Birth Place: Antarctica
Spouses's Name: Mabel L
Home in 1910: Chicago Ward 35, Cook, Illinois
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Year of Immigration: 1896
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Charles O Ackerman 29
Mabel L Ackerman 19
Armorel Ackerman 0/12

California Death Index, 1940-1997 Record

Social Security #: 320145418
Birth Date: 11 Apr 1910
BirthPlace: ILLINOIS
Death Date: 30 May 1962
Death Place: LOS ANGELES
Mother's Maiden Name: BEWERSDO

05-09-06, 22:23
Thank you Klyne, that's great.

The first part from US Census 1910 was familiar to me, but the information of Armorel was quite new. What do you think, did she die unmarried?

Did you find any information of the other girl or Virginia? and what happened to the mother Mabel L?

My best regards to all of you.

Are you sure about motherís maiden name? I can't find any person with this unusual name in US Census. Eider I can find any living person with this name in the phonebook[COLOR=red]

06-09-06, 22:52
How do you know there was a daughter Virginia? How much younger was she than Armorel?
I cannot find Mabel and the 2 girls anywhere in the 1920 or 1930 census.
I also checked the SSDI and they have no listing for Armorel. I also checked by just the SSDI # but nothing comes up.
You may want to order the death record for Armorel (if they let you from 1962). It may have the info you need.
Do you know where Charles Oscar Ackerman was buried? I can try to phone the cemetery and see what info they have.

06-09-06, 23:28
Hello Klyne

I have an older genealogy made by a near relative to this Charles Oscar. This man is also a minister and I believe his papers. I haven't found anything wrong in his earlier investigations. So we must have another girl Virginia too. She had to be born between 1911 - 1918. Charles Oscar died in Detroit and may be he also was buried here were his younger brother John Werner also died in 19.3.1966

Karen Norwillo
07-09-06, 21:50
Is it possible that Virginia is Armorel's middle (second) name? I noticed that her death record has V as her middle initial. Since she died an Ackerman, it would appear she never married. I wouldn't put too much concern about the spelling of her mother's maiden name. Misspellings are very common, especially with unusual or unfamiliar names.

07-09-06, 23:27
I had also thought of Armorel's middle name being Virginia but again, it's just a guess.
Armorel's mother's maiden name may be 'Bewersdorf' and it was shortened in the death record due to lack of space or something. There are a number of Bewersdorfs in Illinois and particularly Chicago that Mabel could belong to but I have not been able to find Mabel or a possibilty in the 1900 census.

30-09-06, 22:24
Hello everyone

Now I have Charles Oscar recognised. He had only one daughter Armorel Virginia who was born 11.4.1910 and died 30.5.1962 in Los Angeles, California. She was buried in Pierce Bros., Santa Monica Chapel, California.

Here mother Mabel was married at least 3 times. First with Charles Oscar, then with Albert Eaker (Census 1920 and 1930). She died in California 22.5.1971 as Mrs. Mabel B. Roosevelt.

I have some details left before this family is completed, but I don't have any relatives alive in this family anymore. It has bothered me for many years until now.

Thank you all.