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06-09-06, 19:41
Might anyone have idea about Clara Hill b ca 1924 ( in Cenus) later name might be Erickson. Born in Minnesota.
Thank you for any help

Karen Norwillo
06-09-06, 22:24
Ancestry.com only listed one Clara Hill born abt 1917 in MN. There are many other Clara Hill but all born much earlier or later. None found in c.1924. In the 1920 census in Brainerd, Crow Wing, MN is
Hill, John Jacob, 39, US 1905, Finn, laborer foundry
wife Hilma S, 38
daughters Marion 9 and Clara V 2 11/12. Also step-daughter Ellen Tervo 15. Children all born MN
There are two neighbor families, both named Erickson.
The 1910 census has them in the same place. Hilma has two other children living with them, Alfred Tervo 10 and Mamie 7. Ellen is Hilma E 5. Hilma S and John have 1 son, Edwin 10/12.
The Erickson families are neighbors again.
I don't know if this is your Clara. I can't find her as yet in 1930.

06-09-06, 23:04
My mistake first name is Grace!
I have written wrong whole time.

Now Ihave new possibility to find .
stupid me,


Karen Norwillo
07-09-06, 20:49
1930 Census for Hibbing, St Louis, MN only one Grace Hill born 1924 in MN.

Hill, Effie, 29, divorced, born MN, parents Finland, dressmaker
Children: Wilbur, 8, Grace, 6 and Hazel, 5. All born MN.

There are 2 other Grace Hills, one born 1922 and one 1927. No Finnish connection.

07-09-06, 21:01
yes this is the family. Thank you

Mother has died in Michigan 1972 and I have tried to get her obituray, but no manages. I do not know from where.
I treid also from ssn organisation, but my order did not went thrue right.

Grace's life is?? She is my second cousin.


28-10-06, 21:17
Hi, I am supposed to have a relative in USA who was originally Makinen but used the translation of his name "Hill" . I have got the following data from different sources:David Emil Makinen (Hill)
Arrival Date: 25 Mar 1912
Age: 22 years
Birth: 24.9.1886
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Finnish
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Ship Name: Ivernia
Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts
Friend's Name: Vilee Nurminen
Last Residence: Finland
Microfilm Roll Number: 174
isä David Mäkinen, Tampere

Does anybody recognize him?
Asks pietroh*iki.fi

28-10-06, 21:20
A misspelling,

28-10-06, 22:02
Thank everyone who has given time to help me. To connect different info I have manged to find my relatives and this questionis not any more actually.