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06-09-06, 22:08
A ordinary couple had a little boy (David), who turned out to be a real brain box. He came home from school one day and said to his mother.

"Mummy, may I relate to you a narrative?"

"What's a narrative?" said the mother

"A narrative, Mummy, is a tale."

"Oh, I see," said the mother nodding, and David told his tale.

At bedtime, as he was about to go upstairs, he said,

"Shall I extinguish the light, Mummy?"

"What's extinguish?" she asked.

"Extinguish means to put out, Mummy", said brainy David.

"Oh, I see, Yes certainly."

The next day they had a visitor for tea and the family dog began to make a nuisance of himself by begging for food at the table.

"David", said the mother, trying to impress.

"Take the dog by the narrative and extinguish him!"