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06-09-06, 22:18
"Oh dear," said the singer as he was about to go on stage.
"I've got a frog in my throat."
"You should be happy", said a rival vocalist.
"It's got a better voice than you!"


"I bet I can teach you to talk like a Red Indian!.


"There you are! I told you I could do it"


"Oh, don't talk to me about solicitors," sighed the widow.
I've had so much trouble settling my late husband's estate that I sometimes wish he hadn't died!"


George was crazy about Melanie and wanted to marry her. But he couldn't pluck up the courage to ask her face to face. So, he finally decided to ask her over the telephone.
"Darling," he blurted out, "will you marry me?"
"Of course I will, you silly boy," came the reply.
"Who is this speaking?"

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