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07-09-06, 23:30

I am trying to find the ancestors of Gustaf Mattsson Granlund-Timonen from Dalabäck. I have a birth date for him 14 dec 1824, but something tells me that this information could be wrong. He married Ulrika Larsdotter Gunnila (b. 1829) in 1855 and Karolina Larsdotter Gunnila (b. 1836) in 1868. Ulrika and Karolina could been sisters.

The marriage record tells that Gustaf was from Tarvonen in Dalabäck, but he might have moved to Timonen later.

From Hiski I got several possible branches for him. Either to Tarvonen or Sudd farm in Kållby.


June Pelo
08-09-06, 02:26

I have both Ulrika and Karolina Gunnila in my database, with a note they married Gustaf Tarvonen, but nothing more about him.

Do you have access to the SoB books? I saw that Ines Kass has written about Tarvonen in #14, 23 and 25. And #5 has something about Gunnila. #16 has something about Stubb. Perhaps something can be found in one of these books.


08-09-06, 08:05
Thanks June!

I'll go to the "bokhandel" today and buy the numbers of SoB that I don't have already. Perhaps something new is coming up.

It seems clear that Ulrika and Carolina were sisters. Gustaf Granlund-Timonen could have been living on both Tarvonen and Timonen farms during different periods of his life. This was also confirmed from one record on Hiski. This could be the explanation that he appears under both Tarvonen and Timonen names.

There was a person in Dalabäck long ago named Daniel Johansson Tarvonen. A very special man in many ways and it seems to be a chance that Daniel (Danil) was the uncle of Gustaf Granlund-Timonen. I often meet people today asking me about this "Danil" and it would be nice to find the rest of his relatives.

The other possibility that I found on Hiski was Sudd, not Stubb.


08-09-06, 15:24
After a phone call to an elderly lady I got the information that Gustaf was from Nykarleby. This could also be found on Hiski:

Född By Mor Barn
14.12.1824 Kofjoki Runt pig: Lisa Johansd:r Finnäs 31 Gustaf original - ALKUPKOMM: oä.

As you can see, Gustaf was "oäkta". So every idea of him as a relative to Danil can be spoiled.

I don't really know what "Runt pig:" means. It was spelled that way on Hiski.

It seems that it is impossible to prove exactly who was the father of Gustaf. But there is also another legend in Dalabäck telling that there could be Polish blood in the descendants to Gustaf. Who knows!

Alf Blomqvist
08-09-06, 22:44
Maybe its on Runt in Kovjoki?

09-09-06, 00:07
No, If you see on Hiski they have combined the words "Runt" and "pig". The image does not look exactly the same on Forum as on Hiski