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08-09-06, 18:40
Three brothers Westerlund emigrated to Amerika.
Frans Fridolf Ferdinand born 28(20)12 1865, married 16.10.1887 with Erika Karolina Bernström born 22.10.1864. They had a daughter Anna Ellida Karolina born 28.7.1888. (they might have got more children later) They probably have left from Ekenäs in Finland. The daughter was married in America Miller and she died 5.11.1964 in South Gardiner, Maine Usa She had 3 daughters and a son.

Johan Gottfried born 30.9 1870, sailor

Gustaf Magnus born 26.10.1878,sailor married 18.5.1913 to Aina Maria Boberg born 3.8.1881,

These three brothers were my grandmothers uncles.

It would be nice to find possible relatives still living in USA!
Anita Wikberg

09-09-06, 06:11
Do you know other towns/states in USA to which some may have emigrated?
We have a lot of Boberg and Westerlund ppl in this part of Illinois. I speak more of Henry County where the mother church of the Augustana Synod is located. Those Andover films at Swenson have two films, repeat, two films, of letters or certificates of emigration from their Swedish parishes and I would imagine the same for Finnish parishes if some of these ppl came this way.


09-09-06, 10:11
I have no idea were in America they lived. I have looked at the Ellis Island database, which is available ower internet. There I found only one mention of a Gustof (missspelled from Gustaf?) Westerlund, which fitted the other information. He had a USA address Gardner Me. He arrived jul 24, 1910. This could possible be the third brother. I know they went back and fourth to America, probably because they were sailors they could afford it. Could this Gardner Me be Gardiner Maine? If so it is the same adress as the Anne Miller (daugther of Frans) had, when she died 1964. I find it likely that the 3 brothers went to the same area at least in the beginning. There might be other mentions of them but in that case there are so much missspelling or wrong information that I can't quess who they are.
Anita Wikberg

Karen Norwillo
09-09-06, 21:05
On Ancestry.com. I found the arrival of a Frans and Erika Westerlund 23 Apr 1914 on the "Carmania" from Liverpool to Boston. He is 48, a farmer, she is 50. Says from Söderby, Snappertuna going to Gais, probably Gus Westerlund in S. Gardiner, Maine.

On the 1920 Census for Gardiner, Kennebec, ME is an Erika Westerlund, 55, divorced, US 1914, born Finland, mother of head of house. Alfred Westerlund, 24, is listed as son, says came to US 1914, but he did not arrive same time as parents on the manifest. Maybe he came later that year. He is a farmer.

1920 for Gardiner is Westerlund, Gustaff, 41, Finland, US 1906, poultry farmer. Wife Ina M, 37, Finland, US 1913. No children listed.

Karen Norwillo
09-09-06, 21:51
Found the 1913 arrival of Gustaf and Aina Westerlund left Liverpool on "Franconia 27 May 1913. He is 34, she 32. Finnish, last address in US is S. Gardiner, ME which is also their destination. Name of relative in country from whence they came is brother Karl Westerlund, Söderby, Snappertuna. That would fit with the last address of Frans and Erika. Migation Passenger List has Gus and Aina leaving Finland 21 May 1913. Haven't found 1906 arrival for Gustaf as yet.

10-09-06, 10:45
Dear Karen
This is so exciting! You have found them! Söderby, Snappertuna is the place they left and where Karl Westerlund lived. The house is still there. Karl is my mothers grandfather. Söderby is also the village I was born and raised in!

Do you find anything on Johan Gottfried (maybe called Janne). How do I go about to find if there are any relatives still living. The children of these brothers are my mothers second cousins. She is still well 83 years old and living in Söderby, she also has a younger brother still living!

Ina is probably the same as Aina because in Swedish we pronounce Aina the way you pronounce Ina.

Thank you so much

Anita Wikberg