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09-09-06, 21:56
Need Ancestry.com passengerrecord lookup for Johannes Kloo
arriving at Boston. Record says other passenger:Kris Kloo
Thought that this might be my greatgrandpa Kristian Edward Kloo


Karen Norwillo
10-09-06, 02:36
Boston Passenger List shows Johannes Kloo, 26, Swedish, sailor, single going to brother Kris Kloo in Holly Beach, NJ. He arrived 27 Apr 1902 on "Merion."

1900 census for Holly Beach, Cape May, NJ
Kloo, Kris, born Oct 1866, 33, married 1 yr. Swedish, US 1890, fisherman
Kloo, Ida, June 1878, 21, North Carolina
Stickaman, Adolph, May 1877, 23, Swedish, servant

1920 Wildwood, Cape May, NJ at 120 Davis Avenue
Kloo, Chris, 50, US 1882 naturalized 1888, Finland/Swedish, profession looks like boothwelder, iron shop
Ida is 40, NC
They now have 5 children, all born NJ
Ida 17, Myrtle 16, Edna 12, Anna 6 and Carl 3 6/12

Karen Norwillo
10-09-06, 02:49
On Castle Garden records, Kristian Kloo, 24, occupation: joiner, Finland, single, arrived 18 Mar 1892 on the "Nevada", destination NY. That would be closer to the 1890 date he gave in 1900.

10-09-06, 09:29
Hi Karen
Thanks for your lookup.Looks like it was the wrong Kris Kloo.
Right arriving year should be 1903 and age 30.
Kristian Kloo 24 in 1892 is my greatgranpa going to US the first time.