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10-09-06, 23:24
Hi all!

My name is Kristiina and I've found a new hobby, which kind of led me here as I was searching any information considering my forefathers on the web. My roots are in Central Ostrobothnia, though I nowadays live in Middle Finland. I've got relatives in the USA, and I would firstly like to find out "the emigrants" and secondly their offspring in the States. My lastname is Ruokoja, so I think it's Rivers their American version of the name. Also Koskela and Herlevi are names I'm interested in.

This is very interesting and I wish I could create my family tree - a very large one! :)

11-09-06, 04:32
This is from the Finnish church (S 27-3) in Crystal Falls, Michigan
Chu. Pos Given names Surname Other data Born Parish Emi

S 27-3 95f Petter Koskela Jun 18 1859 Alavieska unk ("f" means he was listed on the funeral pages by Pastor Hoikka.

and a woman who got married to a Koski
S 27-3 b78mh Johan Koski Apr 15 1904 age 23 Finland unk
S 27-3 b78mw Johanna Koskela Apr 15 1904 age 22 Finland unk
These were listed by Pastor Hoikka as getting married in the Crystal Falls church

and yet another, from the Finnish language church (234) in Champion, Michigan:
234 11u Juho Koskela Nov 3 1865 Isokyro 1887, "u" means he was unaccompanied.

and still another guy but this one is from the Lutheran church (231) in Dollar Bay, Michigan.

231 16h M/Nikki Matinpoika Mattson Koskela Nov 8 1873 Karkmo Korsholm Mustasaari 1900
231 16w Amanda Nye Jun 3 1875 Karkmo Korsholm Mustasaari unk

No help on Ruokoja or Rivers.

Welcome to sfhs and I hope somebody here belongs to you. Check that other name on a recent posting by June.

William Dahlin
12-09-06, 04:06
Are you able to come up with first names
and birth dates. Many Koskiela's are
listed on 1900, 1910,1920, 1930 census

Would at least need first names and
estimated birth date if you do not
have actual birth dates.

13-09-06, 23:51
Originally posted by William Dahlin
Are you able to come up with first names
and birth dates. Many Koskiela's are
listed on 1900, 1910,1920, 1930 census

Would at least need first names and
estimated birth date if you do not
have actual birth dates.

Yes, sorry.

My Grandpa's (from my mother's side) parents are originally from Kinnula (mother, nèe Pasanen) and, as far as I'm concerned, from Lestijärvi (father Koskela). Kinnula is a community in Middle Finland. Neighbour community Lestijärvi includes to the Central Ostrobothnia.

I don't actually know if I am allowed to list my Grandparents (names and birth dates) here, because I've heard something about this time..100 years or somehing.. Data should be older than that?

My Great Great Grandpa's parents:
- Koskela Matti Viljami, b. 1 March 1865, d. 10 May 1940.
- Koskela Maria , b. 2 February 1864, d. 13 June 1928.
* If they had more children than Matti, I don't know (yet).

And then something on RUOKOJA & HERLEVI

My Gradparents from my father's side:
They both lived in Välikylä, Kälviä. Or my Grandma wasn't exactly from the same little village but from another one.

I found my Great Grandparent's on the web, so I write the dates here, though I don't know if I'm alllowed.. not very logical. Jannes und Lydia are on FamilySearch.org.

Grandpa's parents:
- Jannes Ruokoja, b. 28 October 1884, d. 9 November 1977.
- His wife Lydia (or Lyydia?) (née Huhta), b. 26 December 1887, d. 23 January 1968.

Jannes had at least one brother called Ludvig/Ludwig. And they both worked in the States for a while.

And finally note to myself: I know nothing about my Great Grandma's relatives from my father's side..:eek:

14-09-06, 00:13
Ok, I have to tell, I found many names from my father's side on FamilySearch.org. Now I can't stop..:D

14-09-06, 15:18
...that is the question.

One good rule is not to post sensitive data of living persons. If somebody posts birth day information in conjunction with the full name - and the person is still alive I try to delete this information asap.

Generally - if a living person gives you the right to post more intimate information about himself/herself, then it is ok. Otherwise - no personal information about living persons.

If the person is dead then I think common sence dictates what kind of information is suitable to post onto the internet.


William Dahlin
14-09-06, 20:59
1920 Census USA Calument Houghton Michigan

Matt Koskela
Age 55 Years
Est. Birth 1865
Birth Place: Finland
Relation to Head of House: Boarder
Fathers Birth Place: Finland
Mothers Birth Place: Finland
Marital Status: Single
Race White
Sex Male
Year of Immigration 1904
Able to read: Yes
Able wo Write: Yes

Household Members

John A Koskela age 46
Margaret Koskela age 41
Mary Koskela age 23
Florence Koskela age 18
Theodore Koskela age 15
George Koskela age 13
Leona Koskela age 8
Howard Koskela age 5
Emily Koskela age 3
Evelyn Koskela age 3
Myrtle Koskela age 1 2/12
Lizzie Koskela age 69
Matt Koskela age 55
May Koskela age 16
Gertrude Koskela age 10

William Dahlin
14-09-06, 21:12
1910 USA Census Liberty, Brown South Dakota

Sophia Koskela

age 46
Est. Birth Yr. 1864
Born Finland,
Relation to Head of House Wife
Fathers Birth: Finland
Mothers birth: Finland
Spouse Jacog
Year of Immigration 1883

Household Members

Jacog Koskela age 34
Sophia Koskela age 46
Helma Koskela age 21
Elmer Koskela age 19
Arthur Koskela age 17
Selma Koskela age 16
Felix Koskela age 14
Hilda Koskela age 12
Willie Koskela age 10
Ina Koskela age 8
Vaino Koskela age 7

The 1920 and 1910 census only
corresponds close to birth date.
Hope you may have a connection.

No luck on other names yet.

William Dahlin
14-09-06, 21:49
Have not had any luck on the above
names. Nothing connects with information
thats listed..