View Full Version : How to post a message to the board

03-09-03, 08:05
I had a question about how to post to the forum and mailed the following short how-to:

When you want to post a message,
or "stick a message onto the message board":

- open the forum you think the message belongs to, usually "Genealogy (ENG)" in "The Living room" which is the general genealogy board imho.
- choose "New Thread" if your asking a "new" question, posting something new


- if you have been reading a posting you can also choose "post reply" and your posting will go to the same "thread" as the one you were reading

- you will be presented with a "Post reply" or "Post new thread"
- add the subject
- some people add a smiley
- until you are familiar with the forum skip the vB code (enables you to emphasize text, enter URLs...)
- write your message
- down under there is a button "Submit New Thread" or "Submit Reply"
- the message will show up as a new thread under the chosen forum OR at the end of the thread to which you replied

Then of course we have the person to person messaging some of us have used to each others but that is an exception.

On a forum/message board the "send" functionalities usually deal with such as telling somebody about message threads on the board. You can't "send" anything to the board like we did to the old Finlander mailing list.