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Margaret Rader
15-10-03, 20:05
This database is just fabulous. Now that I've figured out how to search it, I'm finding quite a few connections. Did you know that you can search just on the village name and get the list of people from all the collections that were in that village? To search one person's tree, just search on that collection without filling in the other fields. Or of course you can search names. I'm sure I haven't exhausted the various ways to search.

Thank you Hasse.

Margaret Holm Rader :cool:

16-10-03, 00:38

Nice to hear that you have found something interesting.

My humble wish is if you succeed in finding the database useful you could mention about your findings here on Finlander and maybe thank the person whose gedcom the information originates from. My opinion is that the biggest thanks belongs to the many who have submitted their gedcom to the Talko.

Some of these ladies and gentlemen have used years, some tens of years collecting information and keying in them into genealogy programs. This has taken time and has, in many cases, not been gratis. They have joined the Talko -project and are in the process of making it a success!