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11-09-06, 02:03
The mtDNA test results for my grandmother, Fern Annette Sommer, who just turned 90, have come back. She tested as haplogroup U*, which means that she belongs to the supergroup U and none of its many subgroups. She had two variances from the standard DNA sequence, at 16183C and 16189C.

Haplogroup U developed around 50,000 years ago and, as the group is so old, members of the group are widely distributed thoughout Europe, especially northern Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East and India. My grandmother's ancestors travelled out of Africa, through the Middle East and north through the Caucases and Russia. One part of the group travelled west along the southern Baltic, while another group traveled further north and west across Finland and down into Sweden from the north. One of Haplogroup U's subgroups, U5, is found exclusively in Finland, though my grandmother does not belong to that group.

My grandmother's direct female ancestors as I know them were:

1. Maria Fredrika Wilhelmina Fredriksson, b. 1889, Altappen, Neder Luleå, SV
2. Anna Fredrika Johan-Henriksdotter Häggblad, b. 1846, Oravais kby, Finland
3. Brita Maria Jacobsdotter Grönberg, b. 1820, Robertsfors Bruk, Robertsfors, Västerbotten, Sverige
4. Maria Beata Mårtensdotter Nordberg, b. 1787, Masugn, Oravais, Finland
5. Beata Gabrielsdotter Gästgifvars, b. 1759, Monå, Munsala, Finland
6. Anna Eriksdotter, b. 1728, Monå, Munsala, Finland (probably)
7. Christina Johansdotter, b. 1688

If you have any female descendants of female descendants of the women above in your lineage, they should be of the same haplogroup, unless there was an adoption or other along the way.

Also, if anyone belongs to the same haplogroup, it would be neat to find out about it, though it would not prove any close connection between us.

Anyway, I thought someone might find this interesting...

20-09-06, 04:58
Hi Kelly,

I am also located in DC, and also interested in using DNA to back-up genealogy.

I was wondering if, with your obvious knowledge of this stuff, you are involved at all with the local ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogists)? Are you signed up for their Yahoo group's listserv? If not, you might want to have a look at it.

The level of interest is, of course, very great, as the focus in that group is ONLY on DNA.

My mtDNA line for Finland is the 'K' line, so I have much more work to do to parse which part of the K line I am working with, and what that means. (This is my father's mother's line, and it is also the larger group of the 'Iceman' found in the Alps.)

My own mtDNA is the H1* line, meaning that my female ancestress was among the small group who survived the ice age, living on the Iberian peninsula, and then moved on out from there.


01-12-06, 16:01
Mine also came back U4 mostly from the area around Saarijarvi, Finland
Jenny Malvina Piispanen, Saarijarvi 1889
Wilhelmina Henricksdotter PYLKÖNMÄKI, Finland (Kuoppala Farm)
b 1850
Anna Caisa Arvitytär, Kuoppala farm Saarijarvi, Finland
and Lena Johansdotter (no dates)

I understand this is the clan of Ulrike originating 18,000 years on the last inhabitable edges of the Ukraine.

27-10-08, 19:51
I thought it might be nice to post both my mitochondrial haplogroup information, which is U5b2.

Here is all of the U5b2 that floats in my mitochondria, starting with my most distant known direct maternal great-grandmother:

Karin Eriksdotter b. 1664 Finland; d. 11 Apr 1746; m. Erik Johansson Masala

Christina Eriksdotter Stormasala, b. 1711; d. 10 Dec 1782; m. Henrik Eriksson Hastbacka Broanda

Carin Henriksdotter Broanda, b. 27 Jan 1744; d. 9 Jun 1808; m. Johan Larsson Bastubacka

Catharina Johansdotter Slotte Bastubacka, b. 23 Nov 1779 Nedervetil, Finland; d. 16 Jun 1853 Nedervetil; m. Henrik Johansson Jokkka

Elisabet Henriksdotter Jolkka, b. 3 May 1805 Nedervetil, d. 28 Nov 1887 Nedervetil; m. Johan Henriksson Emmes

Brita Johanna Johansdotter Emmes, b. 24 May 1842 Nedervetil; d. 1 Sep 1911 Nedervetil; m. Johan Johansson Paasiala Ahlskog

Emma Johanna Johansdotter Paasiala, b. 29 Oct 1879 Haavisto, Nedervetil, Finland; d. 4 Mar 1949 Steilacoom, Washington, U.S.A.; m. Henrik Viljam Mattsson Granlund

Gerda Johanna Henriksdotter Granlund, b. 5 Nov 1900 Nedervetil, Finland; d. 2 Sep 1999 Vancouver, Washington; m. August Eli Hill

My mother

Me and my siblings.:)

18-08-09, 22:36
Hi everyone,
I just thought to mention that my mtDNA haplogroup designation changed after another test (HVR2).
It was thought to be originally U but is currently H1b from the area around Lappajarvi.

18-08-09, 22:40

You must have first tested before FTDNA was doing the SNP tests to determine haplogroup.

When did you find this out?

19-08-09, 18:30
Hi Ilmari,
I first tested with Genebase who was happy to take my money without reporting to me any results. This must have been around 2005, I think the company has improved their service since then.

I then re-tested with FTDNA and I'm waiting for the results of a FGS, because I already match one person exactly with heritage in Ilmajoki.