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11-09-06, 23:11
Since most of you are descendants of people that emigrated from Finland either during the second half of the 1800's or the first decades of the 1900's you might be interested in the following.

Evenly so, if you are living in Finland and know that people from your family, uncles or aunts, emigrated from Finland during the same time - you should be interested the same way.

SFHS is planning to gather information of as many as possible of the emigrants. We do not know how to present this information in the future, of course we have ideas but - everything depends on how much information we can gather.

On SFHS web page here (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/sfhswiki/index.php/Submission_Form_-_Documenting_all_Emigrants) I have now added another questionnaire form "Documenting Every Emigrant". We now invite you all to submit information about "your" emigrants.

So - the questionnaire is now "on the air".


30-12-08, 19:36
This is cool. I just submitted my information. Hope it helps!

June Pelo
31-12-08, 02:50
I went through my entire database and completed a form for each person who emigrated - and I was surprised at how many there were. As I get new data, I plan to submit additional forms.

Wes Hakanen
18-05-09, 18:25
Hi. I am a new member and want to post a message inquiring about immigration regulations back in 1903. However I see where I can read and reply to messages but I can't figure out how to start the process. Sounds funny but I'm not well versed on forums. Also what is a thread? Thanks for your help. Since I don't know where to look for your answer, my email is wes.hakanen * verizon.net. Thanks very much!