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Gunnar Damström
15-10-03, 20:24
The Count’s Ice Cream

According to chef Impi Palin of Åminne Estate (Quarterly Vol. 12 No 2) from: Bord Duka Dig- Herrgårdsmat i Finland, Finlands Svenska Marthaförbund.

You need:
An ice cream maker
1.5 dl sugar
1 liter double cream, mixed with some milk
1-2 vanilla stems
5-8 egg yolkes
Heat up the cream to a boil and add the crushed vanilla stems. Melt the sugar in a stainless steel kettle while stirring continuously. Don’t let it burn but let it take on a light brown color. Gradually add the cream while stirring. Don’t worry if the sugar solidifies initially- it will melt again when the cream boils. Add the egg yolks under vigorous stirring. Put the sauce through a sieve and let cool. Pour the sauce into the ice cream maker and stir until the ice cream gets the right consistency.

When I was a child we made ice cream at our summer place outside Helsingfors. We did not have electrical power but ice was stored in “isstacken”- the ice bed. In February laborers would appear with a horse and sleigh on the bay, which was covered by foot thick ice. Using a special saw, they would cut up cubes of ice. They would plunge the sleigh under the ice cubes, then usher the horse to pull them up. The 100 kg ice cubes would be taken to “isstacken” and covered with a thick layer of sawdust. The ice would last all summer under the roof of “isstacken”. Milk and groceries were kept in boxes buried in the sawdust. It worked fine. Numerous times we kids were sent down to fetch ice for grandma’s grogg, more seldom for feeding the ice cream machine. But ah that ice cream. Fifty some years later I still remember it with nostalgia each time I come across the remnants of the ice cream machine tossed away under the house.

Gunnar Damström