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15-09-06, 09:39

In S&B nr. 6, p. 8 I found Matts Andersson as a son of Anders Andersson Bjong.

But in Cronobydatabasen his father is Matts Andersson Storbjörk. The patronymicon seems a little bit strange here!

Can anybody tell me what is wrong. Or could I have misunderstood something?


June Pelo
15-09-06, 21:00

The data I have (from 3 genealogists in Finland) shows Matts Andersson, b. before 1640, d. 1704 in Pedersöre, was the son Anders Andersson Björkebo- Storbjörk, b. 1619, d. after 1684 - he was son of Anders Andersson Björkebo, b. 1570.

The beginning pages of SoB#6 tell of the search for parents of Matts Andersson. Perhaps there is a mixup in names in the Cronoby database.


Alf Blomqvist
16-09-06, 11:20
Everyone has to remeber that all information (at least) should be double checked.

As in every other data base Cronoby contains errors. There are information from many different genealogists. They have different opinions for example how to type in familynames.

So check, check, check!

16-09-06, 18:12
Thanks for this information. I understand that it is very hard to find the whole truth in cases like this. It was so very long ago and so little documents are left.

I stumbled into this study when I bougth S&B nr. 5-6. I know that Ines Kass always did a very good work with her studies, but this article was written many years ago, so that's why I wondered if the newer information in the Cronobydatabasen could been verified. This genealogical study was continued in S&B nr 7 and (, but I do not have theese numbers at home. Perhaps Ines tells more in the next numbers. I could check.

18-09-06, 15:23
Hi Christian

As I have S & B nr 7 I thought I should check out Matts' father from it. According to Ines Kass his father was Anders Andersson Storbiörk b. 1619, his father again was Anders Andersson Biörk b. ca 1568.
Maybe you've already checked this.

18-09-06, 22:29
Thanks Vera and you others! I took a quick look in S&B nr 7 in the library and noticed the same information.