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18-09-06, 23:00
The grandson of the Gust Johnsons is trying to assemble his family tree. No information is yet available on the birth parish of J. Gust Johnson. The 1920 US Census shows he immigrated in 1894 and became a US citizen in 1898. He married Albertiina Olson in Virginia Minnesota in 1898. Albertiina was born 7/27/1878 in St. Louis county, Minnesota, the daughter of a pastor. Perhaps he was in the Suomi Synod? Does anyone know how we can check that?

Their first child died at one week of age in Sparta Minnesota. Later they moved to Seattle and within a couple of years settled in Pearson, Kitsap County, WA state. They had a farm there, and Gust worked as a carpenter.

Thanks for any help for Rich Johnson.
Syrene Forsman

William Dahlin
19-09-06, 02:17
1910 Census Pearson,Kitsap Wash

Gust Johnson
age 35
Est Birth 1875
Born: Finland
Spouse: Tinna

Tinna wife
Age 31
Born: Minnesota


Julius son
age 11

Josep-h son
age 7

Martha dau
age 5

Rubin son
age 3

Bertha dau
age 2

1920 Census Pearson, Kitsap, Washington

J Gust Johnason
age 46
Est Birth 1874

Born Finland

Mothers name Ellen J

USA 1894

Wife Tinna
age 41

Joseph son
age 17
Martha dau
age 15
Reuben son
age 13

1930 Census Pearson Kitsap, Wash

Gust age 56

Lina wife
age 57

19-09-06, 06:30
Both Rich Johnson and I separately have searched the census records, and could find the family only in the 1920 records. This is great! Now if we can just find which parish they came from. We're assuming that Johnson wasn't the name Gust used in his home parish in Finland. And Albertiina was born in the US, so the Olson family is probably also using a name they took when they entered the US>
Thanks again,

20-09-06, 04:04
Does Rich know when/where they passed away? A death certificate would be a lot of help with this query...


William Dahlin
20-09-06, 04:56
You can find information on John Gust
Johnson at RootsWeb.com

Key in John Gust Johnson then search
for his name. Also key in 1874 and
it will bring up Johnson's born in 1874.

Ruben shows on 1930 census
Port Angeles City Washington. married
to a Alice . birth name Alice Cora Ringness.

21-09-06, 05:57
Thanks for the hints. Here's the dates for Gust and Tiina:
J. Gust Johnson b. feb 17, 1874, d. Poulsbo WA Oct. 12, 1960,

married Albertiina Olson in Virginia Minn on Aug. 26, 1898.

Albertiina Olson, maybe Olsen b. West Duluth Minn, d. 1959 in Poulsbo. I'll have to get the birth dates later.

Apparently no one knows Tiina's parents names or birth dates or birthplaces. They spoke nothing but Finnish, so we believe the American last names differ from the names they had in Finland.

Thanks again!

William Dahlin
21-09-06, 17:07
1880 Census Fon Du Lac, Saint Louis,Mn

Albertina Olsen
age 3
Estimataed Birth 1877
Born: Minnesota

John Olsen age 34 Father
G. Anna Olsen age 30 Mother


Sophia Olsen age 6
Christiana Olsen age 5
A;bertina Olsen age 3
Anna Olsen l M

21-09-06, 21:26
this sure looks like the right family. The daghters' names match with the exception of Christiana, who might well have died early.
Rich's mother Bertha was youngest.
Thanks again!