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20-09-06, 05:17
Hello all Finlanders,

For those interested in where to go for DNA (genetic testing) ONLY for genealogical purposes, here is a list that was offered elsewhere on the web.

- Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)

- DNA-Fingerprint (merged with FTDNA)

- Argus Bioscience

- Geogene

- Oxford Ancestors (UK-based)

- Relative Genetics

- Trace Genetics

...and there are probably some more that I do not yet know about.

Although testing companies must generally use the same methods, there can be some small differences in what one learns from the tests of each company, from what I have been told.

However, they each test what is known as 'junk DNA' and this part of DNA is not useful for any purpose, other than genetic genealogy, as far as I know.

As I have no personal experience of all but one company, I cannot speak for the services, or any other aspect of the work, of any of the other companies.

For what it is worth, my own test was done by Family Tree DNA (short-name: FT DNA)
(http://www.familytreedna.com/) As they were responsive to my amateur questions by both e-mail and phone support, I was, personally, happy with them. They are also the company that is working with National Geographic Society, to undertake global mitochondrial (earliest female DNA lines) DNA testing project, The Genographic Project.

Note: The Genographic Project uses mtDNA samples from both women AND men.

If you have any questions about having genetic genealogical tests done, and do not mind that I am not an expert, please ask. I learn by looking for the answers for others, as well.


07-10-06, 00:11
I've also used FTNDA for most of my DNA testing but have also used Trace Genetics for SNP testing and Relative Genetics to "fill in the blanks" (test markers not otherwise covered) and Ethnoancestry for SNP testing to validate Trace Genetics early work (they did agree with each other as did the other labs wehn cross checked with one another.
My website has a number of N3 haplotypes (some known to be and other likely to be Finn, Norwegian, etc.)..shown in a hcart at