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15-10-03, 22:42
HI all!
Looking for in formation on the following.

Lars Hansson Ståhle hammarsmed born 1666 Råneå, Sverige. Died 09 Sep 1741 in Kimo, Oravais. Wife Maria Fransdotter de Bois born 1673 died Kimo, Oravais 14 Dec 1738. I understand they were vallon families. Has anyone managed to trace them further back? I have met several families that trace their roots to this same family. My mothers farther was a Bagge from Oravais.
Thanks Don Forsman

Gunnar Damström
16-10-03, 00:23
Raseborgs Släkt- och Bygdeforskare has a periodical named Ansatsen (in Swedish). In 1994 they had a whole issue dedicated to Valloner. In an article by doctor Berndt Douhan "Influx of Vallons to Sweden in the 1600's from a national and international aspect" he mentions Kimo Bruk, founded 1706. Maybe if you contacted Raseborgs Släkt- och Bygdeforskare they could provide direction. I only have an address:
Raseborgs släkt- och bygdeforskare rf
c/o Sune Sundström
Ormnäsvägen 4 G
10600 Ekenäs
Maybe someone can furnish Sunes e-mail address.
Good luck,

16-10-03, 02:23
Thanks Gunnar,
I will check this out. Syrene and I also saw a book in Helsingfors
at Akademiska book store last year in November that I should
have purchased it was Sveriges Smedar. He was mentioned in
that new work also. But as allways this summer we checked again
and it was sold out and now out of print.
Thanks for information.

June Pelo
16-10-03, 02:24
I have a copy of an article from Sukutieto, 4/1995 entitled "Grundandet av föreningen Finlands Vallonättlingar. At the end of the article it gives this address:

Finlands Vallonättlingar
C/o Veli-Matti Pussinen
Aninkaistenkatu 11, bostad 2
20110 Åbo, Finland

Another article dated 3/1995 lists about 35 names dating from 1693-1689.


20-10-03, 11:39
Ulf Berggren i Sweden has researched the de Bois (Dubois) family. According to a post in the swedish anbytarforum, he has knowledge about Lars Hansson's father. (See http://genealogi.aland.net/discus/messages/205/263.html?1065120153#POST227219 ). His email is ulfb%40stacken.kth.se

I guess it's worth a try to contact him...


Ps. I don't think that Ståhle is a valloon family. de Bois are of valloon origin.