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23-09-06, 13:06

I am searching for my fathers grandmother Maria Jäger Jakobsson
she lived in Pörtum and moved to Sweden around the 1880+-
She had four children Ida my grandmother, John and Signe who
emigrated to Australia 1895-96 from Sweden and Ester (she stayed in Sweden).

I am grateful for any news about my grandmother and also news about John and Signe. We have a photo in the family of John sitting in front of a farm in Australia. On a passengerlist I found what I believe is Johns name and date for his arrivel to Australia he was 19 years old the year was 1894 the ships name was Salier it sailed from Bremen? Signe married a Englishman??? and died in the birth of their child I would very much like to know more about the whereabout of her husband and child??

Thanks from me
Siv Marian Jäger Janson