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23-09-06, 13:28

My name is Siv Marian Jäger Janson I am born in Helsinki my family moved to Sweden after the War. I have lived in Africa and Asia for a long time and I suppose my interest for searching my roots started then I lived so far from my family.

I look for relatives on my fathers side. On my mothers side it has been a lot of reserch the result is in the book about Mårten Elliasson Jakobs and his familytree.

I searched and found my fathers grandmother and grandfather,
the moved to Sundsvall 1887 and back to Finland 1890 because my grandfather was ill. After he died My grandmother and her children moved back to Sundsvall. My fathers grandmothers name is Maria Abrahamsdotter Jäger she was born i Pörtum 18540205 his grandfathers name is Josef Jacobsson. Children Johannes 18770331 emmigrated to Australia, Gustaf 18800718,Signe 18821230 emmigrated, to Australia , Frans 18860227, Josef 1888 1219. My grandmother Ida was born in Finland and Ester the youngest child was born in Sundsvall.

If anyone know anything about my relatives let me know.

Sunny greatings from Sweden

Kaj Granlund
23-12-06, 18:07
Tyvärr har jag inga uppgifter om din familj. När det gäller Pörtom så har kyrkböckerna brunnit upp så det kan vara litet problematisk. Men ibland lyckas det p andra sätt få tag på personerna.