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24-09-06, 17:59
Hello again!

I am no trying to find the exact date and ship when the following people from Pedersöre emigrated to Astoria:

Fredrik Henrik Gustafsson Tarvonen, b. 17 sep 1845 in Pedersöre and his wife Maria Nikolaiedr Bagarnäs, b. 5 okt 1852 in Jakobstad with their children Maria Alina b. 13 okt 1878, Alfred b. 17 sep 1880 and Viktor b. 28 sep 1882. US census tells the emigration to 1880 for Fredrik and 1888 for his wife and children. Other sources tells 1883 for Fredrik.

Johanna Henrik Gustafsdotter Tarvonen b. 11 jun 1853 in Pedersöre. Ancestry.com tells emigration year to 1879. Her husband Matts Mattsson Kronqvist b. 27 sep 1847 is notated to have emigrated 1872. The couple married 6 dec 1877 due to my information.

Maria Henrik Gustafsdotter Tarvonen b. 19 dec 1855 in Pedersöre. Married Niinimäki-Nyman from Ruovesi . Husband died and Maria moved to Astoria with her two sons, Johan Emil b. 14 aug 1880 and Herman b. 10 may 1883. Documents tells 1887 to be the emigration year, could also been 1884.

Anders Genrik Gustafsson Tarvonen b 20 dec 1857 in Pedersöre. Could have emigrated in 1884 (other sources tell 1887, but I don't think this is right!). His wife Sofia Snellman b. 28 okt 1855 in Pedersöre had emigrated 1885. Their marriage is notated to 1855, probably in Astoria.

Lovisa Gustafsson Tarvonen, b 17 okt 1859 in Pedersöre. Husband Matts Mattsson Nylund from Esse b 5 nov 1863. They had one child, Alina Lovisa b 20 feb 1884. Emigration to Astoria 1884 or 1885.

All theese people were children to Henrik Gustafsson Skruf-Tarvonen and Kajsa Greta Fredriksdotter Kristola. One more brother; Jakob b 28 oct 1852 had been a sailor and was living in California and Astoria in the 1860's.

I am happy for information because my sources tells so many different years.