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Karen Norwillo
24-09-06, 21:39
I need help translating a phrase found in information about a second cousin, once removed, who died in WWII.
Sauli Armas Sulasalmi died 29.10.1943 tuoppa j.ven länsip.
I realize some of these are abbreviations. I believe it refers to where he died or how he died. He was buried in Salla.
Thank you to anyone who can help. Karen

25-09-06, 13:49
"tuoppa j.ven länsip." could mean "Tuoppajärven länsipuolella"="west of Lake Tuoppa".

According to Finnish Wikipedia Tuoppajärvi is in the north of the Carelian Republic in Russia, which fits with the burial in Salla. Tuppajärvi is one of the biggest lakes in the area, 986 sqkm, average depth 15,2 meter, 56 meters at the deepest.


Karen Norwillo
25-09-06, 15:14
Thank you, Sune. Sauli was born in Kuolajärvi, thus the Salla burial. Karen