View Full Version : www.genealogia.fi and Hiski down

29-09-06, 13:31
Unfortunately www.genealogia.fi server is "down".

Regarding SSS office it will take several days to get it back on the trails!


June Pelo
29-09-06, 17:40
I've been getting mail from people wanting to know what's happened. As if I would know! I can't help but notice how GSF and Finngen have gone downhill since the death of Leif Mether. With all the smart computer minds in Finland, it would be great if someone would volunteer to help them out until GSF and Finngen can get back to where they used to be.


29-09-06, 20:30
The only thing I can say is that there is work going on. But - it takes time to dig through the material and the structures on the genealogia.fi servers and figure out who has the access rights to what.

The current break down of the web site is due to a server malfunction, in this case a hard drive on one of the servers. One of the persons in the GSF organisation has promised to sort out the hard drive problem and is working on it just now.

Since I'm personally nowadays also involved in the GSF organisation throug the IT-section of GSF I have volunteered to participate in the migration of the www.genealogia.fi material to a new server if the ongoing fixup seems to take too long.

The GSF web site will get on-line soon, that I can promise you all.

The current situation which looks as though there is no updating activity within the GSF web sites is because the energy and IT-volunteer resources available are used to plan where the web sites should go and how the work should be done - and by whom. Leif Mether did much of the practical work with the web sites in GSF - all this work has now to be transferred to a group volunteers. A bunch of access rights are also to be sorted out before the updating work can continue.

So - please don't despaire - there is some light in the tunnel!