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01-10-06, 16:51

I'm looking for the families of:

*Alexander Gustavsson Fröjdö, b. 24 Sep 1867, emigrated ab. 1888. Had a family in America.
*Anders Wiljam Fröjdö, b. 11 Jan 1870, emigrated ab. 1888. Lived single
*Ida Johanna Gustavsdotter Fröjdö, b. 16 Jul 1872, emigrated 1893. Married Anders Borg from Karleby 1896. Died in Ludington
*Anna Matilda Fröjdö, b. 27 Jul 1874, emigrated 1893. Married Gustav Sundholm in America.

Probably all siblings emigrated to Ludington. Their parents were Gustav Andersson Fröjdö from Påras, Kronoby and Lovisa Johansdotter Drycksbäck from Kronoby.

Thankful for information


June Pelo
01-10-06, 20:00

I can send you some info about this family. My farmor was from the Borg family, but I can't connect them to the Anders Borg family that Ida married because I don't know enough about Anders' father Matts Borg. According to one of his descendants, he was born 1823 in Karleby, but I didn't find him born in Karleby in 1823. I did find a marriage record for Matts Johansson Borg, who married Maria Helena Jacobsdotter Koustar on 25 Jul 1852 in Karleby. It said he was sexman's son - do you know of a Johan Borg who was a sexman in Karleby in the early 1800s?

There were several Borg families living in Ludington, and my farmor knew all of them and my faster Ruth talked about some of the Borg descendants such as Lydia Borg Lexen and Dorothy Heslipen, etc. I'm trying to think of someone who lives in Ludington who would know some of the Borg family there. Recently Albert Santoni was searching for his Lindquist relatives in Ludington so he has had a lot of experience contacting Ludington offices for information. I'll copy what I found about the Borg and Fröjdö families and send it to you. Ida Johanna was the mother of Lydia Borg Lexen who wrote about her family in the book "Historic Mason County".


01-10-06, 20:53

Unfortunately I do not know much about Anders Borg more than I have in my version of the "Cronobydatabasen". There is told that he was born 1864 and was a "fiskare".

Ida and her siblings had one brother Johan who stayed at home. He was the farfar of my mother-in-law.

I will wait for your information. The book you mentioned could be of some interrest for me.


Karen Norwillo
01-10-06, 22:47
On Ancestry, I found both the Sundholm and Borg families in Ludington in the 1920 Census.

Sundholm, Gustaf, 45, US 1895, nat. 1905, Finn/Swedish, laborer
wife, Mathilda, 46, son Hilding, 15, daughter Betina M 14, son Arnold R 12, daughter Dorothy S 6 and son Martin J 4 10/12. All born MI.

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Borg, Andrew, 52, nat 1896, Finn/ Swede, fisherman
wife Ida J, 46, US 1896, Finn/Swede
daughter Ruth J 20, Lydia E 17, son Alvin or Albin E 15, daughter Helen D 8 and son Norman R 4 4/12. All born MI

01-10-06, 23:17

Thanks Karen for this information. My mother-in-law recognized some of theese names without being sure who they were. Now we know. Theese girls have had some contact to Finland long ago.

But it seems that the two brothers did not have the same interest in writing back, so their stories are even more interesting to know. Of course there is a chance that they went somewhere else.


June Pelo
01-10-06, 23:41

The article I found states that Ida Johanna's daughter Lydia Borg married Bert Lexen in 1926. In 1961 and 1974 Lydia and Bert visited Finland. They "met Josta Frojdo and learned he was a musician, had a beautiful voice and directed music in the folk schools and the church in Kronoby. In 1977 he received an honorary medal from President Kekkonen for his work in music."

The article also mentioned the children of Lydia and Bert, their names and where they live. Perhaps that will give you some ideas to post queries about them on Finlander.


Karen Norwillo
01-10-06, 23:47
Found them again in 1930 still in Ludington. Both families live on West Loomis St
708 W. Loomis
Andrew Berg, 65, married at 34, US 1883, commercial fisherman
Ida is 55, US 1893, Norman R is 14.
702 W. Loomis
Gust Sundholm, 54, married at 27, US 1894, freight trucker, steam railroad
Tillie is 55, Arnold is 22, Dorothy is 16 and Martin is 14.
WWII Army Enlistment
Martin J Sundholm, 1915, Mason county, MI
enlisted 2 May 1942 in Kalamazoo, MI
4 yrs high school, shop engineer railway or mechanical engineer, single

WWI Draft Registration
Gus Sundholm
Ludington, Mason, MI
27 Oct 1875
laborer Pere Marquette Railroad
wife: Mrs. Matilda Sundholm
702 Loomis, Ludington

Karen Norwillo
02-10-06, 17:23
I think I found Alexander in Ludington using Gustafson as surname
Found in 1900-1910-1920-1930 census.
Alex Gustafson in 1900 says DOB Aug 1867 not Sept, 33, married 9 yrs, US 1888, Finland, carpenter. Wife Lena, Oct 1873, 26, 4 child., Norway. Children: Nora Dec 1892 age7, Esther Sep 1894 -5, Mabel May 1897 -3 and Alexander Jun 1899 -11/12. All born MI

1910 Alex is 43, works in sawmill, Lena is 37, 9 children 7 living, Esther 15, Mabel 12, Sander(Alexander) 10, Nora 8 ( must be 2nd Nora) Edith 6, Helen 3 and Frank 1 3/12.
1920, Alex is 52, carpenter, Lena 45, Sannder 20, Nora 18, Edith 16, Helen 13, Frank 11 and Harold 6.
1930, Alex 62, married at 24, building contractor, Lena 55, married at 16, Frank 21, single, pan man Morton Salt Co, Harold 16, Mabel Prehn 35 widow, seamstress, listed as daughter, Allen 13, grandson of head All censuses they lived on 805 Madison St

June Pelo
02-10-06, 18:32
In the article I found, it indicates that Ida Johanna, her sister Tilda and brother Alexander Fröjdö emigrated to Ludington and all used the name Gustafson. Ida married Andrew Borg, Tilda married Gust Sundholm, and Alexander's wife's name wasn't known.

I recently worked on a project for another family from Kronoby who emigrated to Ludington and they lived at 1408 Madison - Karen found Alexander's family living at 805 Madison. I've been in Ludington and have seen Madison St. but now I can't recall where it was. My grandmother lived on Danaher St. and my aunt and cousins lived on Foster St.