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01-10-06, 16:44
Teacher: "Sandra, where did you learn to swim?"
Sandra: "In the water Miss"


Teacher, standing in front of the class.
"Who can tell me what a cannibal is?"
Then she noticed a girl near the back of the class talking and giggling with the girl next to her.
"Susan Clark, stand up and tell me what a cannibal is"
"I don't know, Miss", said Susan
"Well, if you were to eat your mother and father, what would you be?"
"An orphan, Miss".


"Mummy," cried little Carol. "My tummy aches".
"That's because you haven't eaten much..... Your tummy's empty."
Carol looked thoughtful.
"Is that why you had a headache last night, because your head was empty?"


"What did you do on Saturday, Vicky?" asked the teacher.
I went out with me mum, she done all her shopping."
"Done her shopping, Vicky?" Where's your grammar?"
"Oh, she came with us, Miss, and done her shopping as well."