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Gunnar Damström
16-10-03, 00:40
I read somewhere that in Finland mothers get three years of paid maternity leave at 2/3 salary. Is that true?


A-M Löfdahl
22-10-03, 23:06
Unfortunately it is not that easy.
You can read about it on KELA-FPA-SII
Information is available in finnish, swedish and english.
Choose Families with children

Maternity allowance is paid for the first 105 days after child birth and after that parental allowance is paid for 158 weekdays.

After parental allowance is no longer paid, parents can take a child care leave with full employment security to look after a child under age 3. Although you are not longer entitled to return to exactly the same job that you had before.

The amounts:
The maternity/parental allowance is paid according to your former income (it has been something like 2/3)

Child care leave:
The child home care allowance consists of a basic allowance, which now is 252,28 €/month. There is also a supplement which varies with the family's monthly income and family size. The hihgest amount is 168,19€/month.
The allowances are taxable income.

who is now on child care leave