View Full Version : Violence toward children

June Pelo
08-10-06, 18:47
The results of a new investigation reveal that children in Finland are exposed to much violence. This is sad, despite the law that forbids it. The report shows that violence toward children is a hidden or silent problem. According to the report, 275 million children in the world are exposed to violence yearly. In Finland the number is 61,000 children. The investigation included 35 countries, of which 15 were in western Europe.

In Finland the number of children exposed to violence is among the highest. Inka Hetemäki, program director for Unicef in Finland, said that violence toward children should be taken seriously. The physical and mental development of children can degenerate by being exposed to violence or being forced to watch it. As many as every third parent in Finland agrees that children should be punished physically, even though all adults are aware that it is a criminal deed.

Heikki Sariola thinks that people do not see the gravity of using violence toward children. At the same time he points out that the attitudes have become better - people are now less tolerant of violence than previously.

Norden, 12 Sep 2006