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09-10-06, 16:06

I visited Åbo Domkyrka recently and got this handwritten document showing some of the 4.000 (!) graves in and under this cathedral. Maybe someone has interrest in studying it.

In my own case I found at least two persons, Brochius (down to the left) and Tavast (down to the right).

More information can be found in a book about "Åbo Domkyrkas räkenskaper" showing families who bought their graves in this national treasure.

Christian Dahlin

June Pelo
09-10-06, 22:49
Thanks, Christian, for the map. I noticed two of my Plogman relatives buried there. I also had 2 of my 4th great grandfathers who were members of Parliament and I thought they were buried in Åbo, but I didn't see their names. Maybe they are buried in another place. They were Erik Johansson Borg-Storhonga and his nephew Johan Mickelsson Kallis. And the names you mentioned: Brochius and Tavast are also related to me. Matts Henriksson Tavast was my 10th ggrandfather, and his son Henrik Tavast was my 9th ggrandfather. Both are buried in Åbo. Sven Brochius was my 7th great grandfather.


10-10-06, 11:02
Interesting. Thanks for the info.
I am related to Matts and Henrik Tavast and Sven Brochius too. But I didn´t know Sven Brochius was buried in Åbo Domkyrka.

Christina Nordback

10-10-06, 11:36
Hello Christina!

I think that it is Måns Brochius who is buried there. Måns was a merchand from Scottland who moved to Österbotten sometimes in the 1500's. Sven was his son.

Due to the information I got from Rev. Sepponen in Åbo there are many more graves in the cellar under the cathedral. I am not sure if anyone has the complete list of the identified graves. But interesting information anyway, at least for me.


Kaj Granlund
22-10-06, 19:56
Notice the consentration of graves to east end of the church! Where that consentration starts is the place of the former medevial altar of the church. After the town of Åbo burnt down in 1827 the altar was placed in the chapel of All Saints, at the far eastern end of the church. The reason people wanted to be burried close to the altar or behind it are obvious. They wanted to be close to the most holy place of the cathedral. And as Christ is to return from the east direction (Jerusalem and the mount of Olives is in the east) they were supposed to see the returning Saviour at an early stage. They would be closer to their own resurection.

Jim Bailey
02-11-06, 20:06
Hi, Christian ----

Thanks for the map and the information ... even though I am running across it LONG after you posted it.

Henrik Jönsson Tavast was my 12th great-grandfather, Matts Henriksson was my 11th GGF, and Måns Brochius my 9th GGF.

I assume I'm related to Christina and to you.

All the best,

02-11-06, 20:20
Hello Bill!

Yes, if we go this far back in time we are surely related. But I do not know for sure which way I am related to Christina. I know my branch from Tawast goes to Wasaeus, who was a priest in Närpes and perhaps Christina comes in here?

Christian Dahlin

Jim Bailey
02-11-06, 20:30
Hi, Christian ---

Yes, my Brochius branch goes through Beata Svensdotter's marriage to Jakob Johanesson Wasaeus Bäckman, ca. 1650, Närpes.

His grandparents Hans Hansson and Maria Gammal (as far back as I can go) were my 9th GGF and GGM.



02-11-06, 21:28
Would be interesting to see your relationship to us in Finland. Could you send me a list of your ancestors to Wasaeus-Beckman? Margaretha Beckman lived in Östensö and married Hanstén. This is where I come into this family.

A private message could be the way!


June Pelo
02-11-06, 22:07

Check my data on Talko - I have Hanstén, Wasaeus, Beckman, Brochius data there. Johan Hanstén and Margareta Beckman were my 5th great grandparents. They had 5 children. Their son Jakob had a daughter Elisabet, who had a son Lars and Lars had a daughter Brita Lena whose daughter Maria Sofia was my mormor. You can also find data in SoB #22, 23, 6, 7, 16. And some in the Caino-Torp book.


02-11-06, 22:36
My branch comes from the other brother Henrik Johansson Hansten. Finally, down to my mother, Dagny Lövholm.

June Pelo
03-11-06, 02:01

You have a 6th cousin named Lisa Johnson Shennum who used to belong to the Swedish Finn HIstorical Society. I helped her father Clarence Johnson with his research years ago. And did you know that you were also related to the late Leif Mether of Finngen through his maternal great great grandparents: Greta Pehrs married to Henrik Henriksson Filpus-Nordström - Greta was your 3rd cousin 3X removed. Henrik Johansson Hanstén was also their ancestor. Did you know Lisa or her father Clarence?


Jim Bailey
03-11-06, 03:19
Hej, June ---

Henrik Johansson Hanstén (1725-1793) was my 5th great-grand-uncle. HIS parents (Johan Andreasson Hanstén and Margareta Jackobsdotter Bäckman) were my 6th great-grandparents.

So, I guess I'm related to Lisa Shennum and to the late Leif Mether too. As I add more and more names to my database (11,700 now), I find more and more connections.

Just a few minutes ago, I found that Christian Dahlin is my 7th cousin instead of an earlier conclusion he was my 9th.

Small world.


03-11-06, 08:28
Very interesting new information!

I do not have any information about Leif, but Lisa Shennum is in my database. I was also active putting in some information to Clarence when he was on the forum ab. 1,5 years ago. A very nice person, indeed!

Henrik Johansson Hanstén is my 5th ggf on my father's side and my 6th ggf on my mother's side.

But we live in a very small world, I agree!

The Hanstén branch of my family tree is very interesting because of this trail back to the Tawast and Brochius. I think they were in some case "special" individuals, having beeing part of Finland's history in some way. I will perhaps try to investigate it a little more later on.

At the moment I am trying to finish my family book about my father's side. The Astorian emigrants are a big part of this book and in some branches I have much interesting information. I have a number of letters written to my relatives in USA and still hoping for more information.


June Pelo
03-11-06, 18:52
Henrik Johansson's grandfather Andreas Henrici Hansténius was a pastor in Ruokolaks from 1674 to 1691. Married daughter of previous pastor at Ruokolaks Olaus Simoni Rohianus, d. 1673, married to Karin Hansdotter. Andreas' father Henrici was a chaplain at St. Michel.

Margareta Beckman's paternal grandfather Hans Wasaeus was Chaplain in Närpes; later pastor in Kristinestad and Lappfjärd. Margareta's great grandfather Hans Hansson was a merchant in Vasa. Hans was my 8th great grandfather.

Margareta's maternal great grandfather Måns Brochius was probably Scottish and went to Österbotten in 1500's with many Scottish merchants. He was my 8th great grandfather.

Margareta's mother's great grandfather Henrik Mattsson Tavast is buried in Åbo Cathedral; he was my 9th great grandfather. Merchant, magistrate and administrator in Åbo.

So if we go back far enough in time, we'll find many of us are related to each other.