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10-10-06, 09:04
Albanus Pellosmaa was born in Lehtimaki on May 22, 1879, his twin Oskar died a year later. My mother recalls that her father would send money to his brother Albanus who was a cripple and had moved to the Oulu area. I have no other information on him and would like to find his date of death.

Any leads would be appreciated.


22-10-06, 18:40
This is what I find in Hiski about Pellosmaa.Not so much and the dates is before your Albinus.Sorry.

Född Döpt By Gård Far Mor Barn
3.8.1865 6.8.1865 Kr.Tp. Petter Vilh: G:son Pellosmaa Maria Mattsd:r 25-30 W:mina
10.6.1868 14.6.1868 Afl. Kr. tp. Petter Wilh: Gusts. Pellosmaa Maria Mattsd:r 25-30 Anna Maria
14.3.1874 21.3.1874 Kruun.torppa Kr.tp. Dav. Pellosmaa Maja 35. Aleksis
24.9.1877 27.9.1877 Ruun:tp. Taavetti Juhonp. Pellosmaa Maija Matintr Vihtori

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