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June Pelo
16-10-06, 02:12
Recently a group of Mormons from Salt Lake City, along with many Russians, attended the dedication of a Mormon temple in Finland. It is located in Esbo and is the first of its kind in Finland. It was open for public inspection in September. There are about 4,500 Mormons in Finland. The temple will also serve Mormons in the Baltic countries and Russia.

On August 21 Russia paid the last of the Soviet Union's old debt to Finland. It amounted to ca 250 million euro, partly paid in defense materiel but most was in cash. Originally Russia was to pay the debt in 2020, but they have a lot of money due to the high price of crude oil which gave them tax revenue. The debt originally was 600 million euro which was unpaid after the chaos that arose when the Soviet Union fell apart. It was felt that it is best for Russia to use the money to pay its foreign debt than to spend it in Russia.

From Norden.


17-10-06, 00:03
My wife and I visited the Mormon temple during the "open door" -days. According to the newspapers some 40-50.000 visitors were shown the temple and got the marketing information of the Mormone church.
The temple was very nice, very light and furnished with taste. People were friendly etc. Both my wife and I felt that the mormon church probably will double their membership number in Finland thanks to these open house days and the positive marketing.
-- We still feel more secure with our serious faced Lutheran faith ourselves...


June Pelo
25-10-06, 01:55
Someone sent me this URL about the new Mormom temple in Finland.



K-G Molander
02-11-06, 04:15

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