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16-10-06, 08:26
Need help finding any info on the finnish name of Kamunen. Does any body have this name or saw it anywhere.

16-10-06, 10:09
Hi Lori,

If you visit www.genealogia.fi and go to the Finnish Cemetery link (on the left side of the page), you can search for the Family Name "Kamunen" and find photos of headstones of people with that name. I noticed that the graves for people with this name were in Rovaniemi and Ylöjärvi. I hope this is helpful to you.


16-10-06, 18:27
This is what info. I can send you from Ancestry.com. Are you interested?

Census Records 34

17 1930 United States Federal Census
15 1920 United States Federal Census
2 1910 United States Federal Census

Birth, Marriage, & Death Records 130

69 Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-2002
18 Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002
15 Social Security Death Index
6 United States Obituary Collection
4 Kentucky Marriage Index, 1973-1999
» View all 130 results

Military Records 8

5 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
1 Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934
1 Minnesota Volunteers in the Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurrection
1 U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946

Immigration & Naturalization Records 17

16 Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957
1 Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1943

Directories & Membership Lists 111

71 U.S. Public Records Index
40 U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002

26-11-06, 05:20
Hi Lori,
I found a Nikolai Kamunen, 20 yrs. old, on ellisisland.org arriving in New York January 27, 1913 on the Cymric. He stated that he was going to an aunt, Ida Aho, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. His passenger record states that his father's name was Nikolai Kamunen, and that he was from Kalajoki. On Hiski the records for Kalijoki only go as far as 1850, but the name Kamunen was there. Searching further on Ancestry.com I found a Nikolai Oscar Kamunen, born 21 September, 1893; death 8 January, 1958 in St. Louis County, Minnesota. It was stated that his mother's maiden name was Lapinoja. Here is that record:

Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002
Name: Nikolai Oscar Kamunen
Birth Date: 21 Sep 1893
Death Date: 8 Jan 1958
Death County: Saint Louis
Mother's Maiden Name: Lapinoja
State file number: 015769
Certificate Number: 015769
Certificate Year: 1958
Record Number: 1357691

Does this information sound like the Nikolai Kamunen you are searching for? If so, I will continue on this Nikolai, and see what else I can dig up. There are many Kamunen's on Ancestry, some of which may be siblings.


26-11-06, 05:42
Hi Lori,
Here is a 1920 Census for Oscar N. Kamunen from Minnesota. I think he went by the name Oscar, middle name Nikolai.


27-11-06, 01:08
Hello Denise
This is my guy-thanks. Nikolai Kamunen is the father of Oscar N. Kamunen.
I need help finding the father 's and mother's genealogy of Nikolai Kamunen in Finland village of Kalajoki, Finland.
I don't know first name of Nikolai's mother only last name just like the last name you found.I have info on Nikolai Kamunen here in the USA but not in Finland. I really need to find genealogy on his parents over in Kalajoki, Finland. I am making charts on genealogy for my nephews forXmas presents. Hope you can help.
Thank you much with what ever you come up with.

27-11-06, 01:15
Hello Denise
Oscar was a son of Nikolai Kamunen. So the son is named after him. Nikolai's relatives (parents) never came to USA.
If this helps any

27-11-06, 14:36
Hi Lori,
Do you know anything of a Hanna Lapinoja? On her passenger record she stated her mother's name as Anna Lapinoja. Maybe a clue for you.


28-11-06, 06:47
Hi Lori,
On TALKO there is information submitted by Arto Hautala on both Kamunen and Lapinoja surnames. Maybe Arto would be willing to help you further than I can. As I stated, the records on Hiski for Kalijoki only go as far as the year 1850. I hope someone with access to parish records not yet available will be able to help further. I will continue to search Ancestry to see if I can find further information on Oscar Nikolai Kamunen, along with trying to find out what his mother's first name was (surname Lapinoja). Maybe at the very least I will come up with some clues to help you.

30-11-06, 06:49
Hi Lori,
Here is Oskar Kamunen's WW1 Draft Reg. Card.


30-11-06, 06:54
Hi Lori,
Here is Matt Kamunen's WW1 Draft Reg. Card.


30-11-06, 15:05
Hi Lori,
This site has naturalization records for Kamunen. You have to email them, and there is a charge, but maybe ordering his naturalization records will give his mother's name.


Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957
Name: Nikolai Oscar Kamunen
County: Hibbing
Reel: 4
Code: 309
Volume: 10
Page: 175

About Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957
An index to the microfilmed Minnesota Naturalization Records

For more information about this database, click here.
Several years ago, the Iron Range Research Center purchased the entire set of microfilmed Minnesota County Naturalization Records (61 counties) from the Minnesota Historical Society. Because the record set was one of the most widely used records in the Iron Range Recearch Center, it quickly became apparent that the indexes to the records were incomplete and often inaccurate. Conrad Peterzen, a Research Center volunteer, resolved to make a new comprehensive index to the entire set. His index recorded the name of each person requesting citizenship and included the following information: Spouses name, county of residence, microfilm reel reference, print volume, and page number. The index also includes records of people who were denied citizenship and those who never completed the process. The present version of the index contains all of the 61 counties and roughly over 865,000 records.
The fact that spouses are listed in the index can be especially important because before 1922, women became citizens through their husbands and did not have their own papers. This index provides the necessary information for researchers to access the original papers in the microfilm collection. The microfilmed papers contain most of the relevant genealogical information, i.e., dates and places of birth and marriage.

Note: While most of the locations refer to counties, the following names are cities in St. Louis County: Ely, Duluth, Hibbing, and Virginia.

To receive additional information and forms to access your ancestor's naturalization documents, please contact: Iron Range Research Center

To contact the Iron Range Research Center directly, you can write them at:

Iron Range Research Center
ATTN: Naturalization
801 SW Hwy. 169, Suite 1
Chisholm, MN 55719
Phone: (218) 254-7959

Fax: (218) 254-7971


Please include as much information as possible.

01-12-06, 06:25
Hi Lori,
Have you looked at this for Matt and Nikolai?