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Sheri Martin
16-10-06, 17:58
Hello Everyone!
I am a new member from IL. My family lived in the UP- Crystal Falls and Amasa area, some members still live there. I have researched my grandfather and found alot of info, however my grandmother is another story.

Hilja Peterson was born in Rockport, MA in January 1900. Shortly thereafter the family moved to Amasa Michigan and her sister Ebba was born in 1901. Her siblings Matt was born in 1888 in Finland, as was her sister Nanni. Hilja's birth certificate lists the parents as Lena Pertula and John Peterson.

I have not been able to find the family on the 1900 census.

The Institute of Migration lists Helena Peltokangas, Matts and Nanni departing from Finland on 3.03.1894, headed for Rockport MA. I havent been able to find a record of John.

The Institute also has a record of Helena's death as reported by Juho Peterson. Apparently she died in 1903, in Amasa, and was born in Haapajarvi in 1859.

I have not been able to find the cemetary records for either Helena or John in Amasa or Crystal Falls. There were several John Petersons in the area. My John is not the one who died in 1955.

I have been on the HISKI site and havent been able to find anything on either of them as far as marriage or bith info. Maybe I am looking under the wrong name. I looked for Juho Peltokangas and Juho Kangas.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Sheri Martin

16-10-06, 19:03
Do you have access to Ancestry.com?


Sheri Martin
17-10-06, 06:35
Yes, I have access to the library edition of Ancestry.com

Karen Norwillo
17-10-06, 16:31
On the MIRRON site of MIGenWeb in Evergreen Cemetery in Crystal Falls are John Kangas, 4/24/1976 and Ebba Kangas 6/24/1995. They are buried in the same plot. There is also a Josephine and Matt Kangas buried in Evergreen. I am formerly from Crystal Falls, now in PA.
I'm abit confused about the Peterson, was that Juho (John's) patronymic and Kangas his surname? He could have used both at different times. If Lena (Helena) left Finland using the Kangas name (longer form), I would seem to believe that was John's surname and Peterson his patronymic (father's name)

17-10-06, 17:36
Here is the social security death record for Ebba.


Discover Your Family StorySocial Security Death Index Social Security Death Index
Name: Ebba Kangas
SSN: 374-24-8341
Last Residence: 49920 Crystal Falls, Iron, Michigan, United States of America
Born: 18 Aug 1901
Died: 24 Jun 1995
State (Year) SSN issued: Michigan (Before 1951 )

Karen Norwillo
17-10-06, 17:58
The John Kangas who is buried on the same site as Ebba couldn't be her father. He was born 18 Apr 1899 and died 22 Apr 1976. Maybe her brother??

Sheri Martin
18-10-06, 00:55
I have the info on Ebba and John Kangas. Believe it or not, Ebba is the sister of Hilja (my grandmother) and the John Kangas buried in Evergreen was Ebba's husband! My guess is the John I am looking for would have been born sometime between 1845-1850's.

I remember visiting Uncle John & Aunt Ebba as a child, they lived on a farm with a creek and they had a sauna. I remember catching a nice trout in the creek and we took it back to my grandparents house and they fried it up and we ate it! Poor Uncle John had parkinsons when he got older and they moved to a smaller house.

I get confused by the forms of the names and why they changed them when they got to America. I looked in the census for John Peterson and found nothing with the right family members. In 1900 there would have been John, Helena, Matts, Nanni and Hilja.
Matt was born in 1888, he would have been 12 in 1900. I am not sure about Nancys birthdate. There may have been another older child or 2 that come over with John. There are a couple of birthdays I am unsure about. I don't know if John remarried when Helena died in 1903.

I know that John Peterson was still alive in 1916, he signed the permission for my grandmother to get married. I checked the obituaries in the Diamond Drill and there were 2 likely candidates - one died in 1955 & one died in the 1930's. I sent for both obits and he was definately not the one in 1955. The other one died in a rest home and there were no informants so they did not have much information. I am not ruling that one out, but they claimed he was from Sweden, and I would have thought the rest of the family would have known he was sick and have been taking care of him, so it is not very likely that he is the one.