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June Pelo
17-10-06, 01:09
Since the Middle East has been in the news for a long time so here is a geography test. It's amazing how little we truly know about the area that has been in the headlines for very so long... You are not allowed to look at a map during this test!! It took a few minutes but I managed to place all of them.


June :confused:

22-10-06, 01:06
Oh, come on June!! Sorry, but I lived and worked in the Middle East for a few years but didn't even attempt that one. Am sure I would have got them all right if it hadn't been just past midnight when I logged on??? I promise you, the Australian quiz is on the horizon!!! :o :( ;) :mad: :confused: :eek: :D

June Pelo
22-10-06, 01:44

I'll admit it was a tough one and it's been a long time since I was in school. Boundaries have changed since that time, but after studying that map and deciding which countries were the largest, all I had to do was figure out where the little ones belonged.

June :o