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Georgina Smith
17-10-06, 17:41
I found the following family on HisKi and hope someone can give me more info.

Stockholms finska förs - Tukholman suomalainen srk - christened

16.9.1811 17.9.1811 matros Carl Fredr. Ask Catrina Sofia Carlsdotter 24 år Catrina Sofia

What does matros mean? Is there some way to find out where this family lived before? How long they were in Stockholm? When they moved from stockholm? Where they moved to?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

17-10-06, 19:21

Matros means that he was a deckhand, i.e. a sailor.

According to the information on genealogia.fi there are no books of migration in the parish's records.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to write directly to the parish at the adress: Slottsbacken 2B-2C, 111 30 Stockholm, Sweden.

Or by e-mail to: finska.forsamlingen*svenskakyrkan.se


Georgina Smith
18-10-06, 05:41
Thank you Sune! I appreciate the email address. Postal mail just takes too long.