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17-10-06, 23:39
Today, I have received a message asking if I want to join a large DNA project, covering all of Scandinavia.

This project is specifically about mtDNA (the female line of DNA that all people possess in them), and is seeking to understand migration pattens within Scandinavian countries.

for anyone who is interested, here is the name of the person to contact about this study:

Robert Andersen
Email: lilleblol*yahoo.com
Re: The Scandinavian mtDNA Project

>>Goal of project:

Simply establish regional mtDNA haplogroup
distribution for Norway,Sweden and Finland.

As per today no scientific paper have shown
this distribution and the sample sizes have
been small at national level.

Hopefully we may learn more about the genetic history of Scandiavia and reveal substructures not seen before.

We need your participation to make
this possible!

How to join?

You may join here:


For those who have a Family tree DNA acoount, it is possible to join by following these intructions:

>>1. You can first login normally to your FTDNA account.'
2. Click the blue "Join" button up the right.
3. In the search box "Search for Surname" write "Scandin" and click
4. In the search result click "ScandinaviamtDNA"
5. Click the "Join" button down to the left and you have joined the

Best regards
Robert Andersen
Group Administrator Scandinavian mtDNA Project<<

I do not have any personal connection to this project. I pass along this informaiton, in case it is of interest to anyone on the list.


PS Also, my mtDNA is not from Scandinavia. NS

18-10-06, 10:12
I think they shoud add to Finnish provinces the area in Eastern Carelia, which was lost to Russia in the last war. Quite many of us have their roots there.

Have a look at the map in Hiski.

With best regards

Harry Smeds

18-10-06, 16:41

I would guess that they would be happy to make this addition. It would seem to make sense to do so.

All best wishes,


01-12-06, 15:51
I have the results of my mtDNA tested but its from another company, I wonder if I could still submit my results? It is U4, all traced genealogically to Southern Ostrobothnia In the 1600s.