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K-G Molander
18-10-06, 07:43
Below is some of the information I have about Otto and Emma Molander. For info about their parents see TALKO.

Otto Mickelsson BACKLUND
Born 30 Mar 1865 in Skriko, Nedervetil, Finland;
Died 6 Nov 1940 in Dequincy, Calcasieu, Louisiana;
Buried in Rigmaiden Cem., Dequincy, Calcaseiu, Louisiana.

Married 19 May 1892 to:

Emma Johanna Johansdotter MOLANDER born 8 Feb 1873 in Tast, Nedervetil, Finland;
Died 30 Dec 1957 in Dequincy, Calcaseiu, Louisiana;
Buried in Rigmaiden Cemetery, Dequincy, Calcaseiu, Louisiana.

1. Signa Kristin BACKLUND
Born 11 Jul 1895 in Brewton, Escambia, Alabama;
Died 28 Nov 1984 in Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana;
Buried in Sallier Cemetery, Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana.

Husband: Emile Bartholomew GUINTARD b: 1894 d: 1973
Elaine Lucille GUINTARD
Emile Bartholomew GUINTARD

2. Edith V. BACKLUND
Born 17 Dec 1896 in Missouri;
Died 9 Jun 1982 in Dequincy, Calcaseiu, Louisiana;
Buried in McFatter Cemetery, Dequincy, Calcaseiu, Louisiana.

Married to Reese "Dude" Perkins;
Born 9 Sep 1888; Died 6 Sep 1945

See also usgenweb.org/ Rigmaiden Cemetery, DeQuincy, Calcaseiu Parish, LA Contributed by Margaret Moore.

3. Onne Roy BACKLUND
Born 24 Apr 1899 in Louisiana;
Died 12 Aug 1963 in Dequincy, Calcaseiu, Louisiana;
Buried in Perkins Cemetery, Dequincy, Calcaseiu, Louisiana.

Married Mattie Guintard;
Born 1 Apr 1900;
Died 16 Feb 1983

Otto and Emma Molander burial place: Rigmaiden Cemetery
Onne and Mattie Guintard burial place: Perkins Cemetery
Edith Backlund and Reese Perkins and son Ray,: McFatter Cemetery.
Although, it looks like 3 different cemetaries, there are no boundries between Rigmaiden and McFatter, just different entrances. Perkins is across the street from these two. Most people in DeQuincy just refer to all three as the Perkins Cemetary;, but in reality are three cemetries.

June Pelo
18-10-06, 19:02
According to data I have from Ron Perkins, son of Edith Backlund and Reese Perkins, Edith was born in Louisiana, not Missouri. I believe at one time Ron Perkins was a member of Finlander Forum, but I don't see his name on the member list.


K-G Molander
20-10-06, 04:39
Hello June.

I was reading it wrong. According to US Census of 1910; the birth location for the children are given as:

Alabama for Signa
Mississippi for Edith
Louisiana for Louisiana

So what do I do now?

June Pelo
20-10-06, 16:41

I don't have any address for Ron Perkins so I don't know how to contact him. June Holden is related to this family. Do you know her? She does not have e-mail. Otto Backlund had a brother Johan Gustaf Michelsson Skriko who was June's grandfather. I'll send you a private mail with more information.