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19-10-06, 23:13

A friend of mine asked about his ancestors and showed me the Antbacka database where part of it could be found. But there was not much information behind Gustav Gustavsson Åstrand, Kyrkväktare in Kronoby.

After taking a look at Hiski I found out that all information on Talko Genealogy about this person has errors. I found his birthdate to 1 May 1840. He married Brita Kajsa Jakobsdotter (not Johansdotter) Rudnäs, b. 11 Dec 1840. Her birthdate is also wrong on Talko.

But the problem is that the parents of this Gustav are "Inhysingen Gustaf Danielsson Åstrand" and "Maria Sofia", b. ab. 1813. I could not find any parents to theese people.

Does anyone have information about this couple and where they came from. "Inhysing" means that he may have moved to the farm from somewhere else.


Hasse Andtbacka
20-10-06, 09:09
Gustav Danielsson was born on Huderbacka (close to Åsbacka) on 16.5.1803. His father was Daniel Gustavsson Huderbacka, born on Svinkrok 24.9.1771. Daniel's wife was Lisa Johansdr Cronlund, b. 29.9.1773.

Gustav's wife was Maria Sofia Michelsdr Stoor, b. 21.4.1812. Her parents:
- Michel Simonsson Stoor Forsnäs b. 5.5.1782
- Anna Maja Mattsdr Stoor b. 26.5.1768


20-10-06, 09:23
Thanks Hasse!

I'll go on and see the rest of his ancestors.


20-10-06, 18:23
Thanks once again, Hasse!

There is only one little problem with this woman. First of all she seems to be ab 14 years older than her husband. This may not cause any problem, but in my version of Cronobydatabasen she died very young, on 14 Jul 1768! She only lived 3 months!

Must be another woman in this marriage.

I will try later tonight to see if Hiski has any solution to this mystery.


Karen Norwillo
20-10-06, 21:24
Hiski has Anna Maja as 26 when Maria Sofia was born 21 Apr 1812. This would make her birth year as 1786, not 1768. Father of Maria is Michel Simonsson as you have it, so I believe this is the correct one, she was born on Stoor farm, Kronoby. I couldn't find any Anna Maja born 1768.

Karen Norwillo
20-10-06, 21:38
Found the marriage of Michel Simonsson of Stoor farm and Anna Maria Johansdotter of Sunde farm 31 Jul 1808.
Anna Maria was born 30 Jan 1786 to Johan Mattsson and Carin Johansdotter.
This is from Hiski Kronoby.

23-10-06, 17:35
Hi again!

I am still trying to find the solution to who this couple was. From Hiski Kronoby I found no marriage record for them, but I found a lot of children born between 1840 and 1854.

Due to this information Gustaf Danielsson died 25.10.1868 from "tyfys" at an age of 57 years, 10 days. This indicates his birthdate to 15.10.1811. In Kronoby I found no matching parents to this birth.

I also found that Maria Sofia Michelsdotter died as a widow on Åstrand 27.5.1884 at an ago of 70 years, 9 months and 5 days. If this information is correct, her birthdate would be 22.8.1813. I did not find any Maria born in Kronoby at that date. No one that I found born about this date had a father named Michel.