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16-10-03, 18:05
Would some kind soul please explain more precisely what type of information would be contained in "tilikirjat=records of accounts"?

This type of record is the only one available for a specific time period for a parish. I'd like to understand what data it would contain before ordering the film from the FHC.


Gita Wiklund
28-10-03, 00:08
Hi Kevin,

In Rötter the swedish forum I found this statement "The clergy had to keep track of the christenings, marriages and burials, to make sure the people of their parish paid the required fees for the clerical services, and also the tithes, as they had to. So accounts (kyrkoräkenskaper) are the oldest church records still existing, even some from catholic days in the 1400s." You find the whole article by Elisabeth Thorsell, Professional genealogist, lecturer and writer here:


28-10-03, 03:30
Thanks, Gita! I just recently read that article from Elisabeth. Just didn't connect the two. I'll go ahead and order that film for Tornio and see what it contains.

Thanks again! :)