View Full Version : Halloween, but Not a Joke

31-10-06, 00:43
The following little story appeared in our local magazine, which, unfortunately in this day and age appears rather poignant. It was written by a 10 year old. Halloween has only in recent years begun to be celebrated in the UK - getting bigger every year.

Here's the 10 year old's story, written exactly as it appeared in the magazine.

The Little Boy Who Was Never Seen Again

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Joe. And this little boy went trick or treating. So the first house he got a toffee apple. And the second house he got a lot of chocolate. And the third house no one answered and the wooden doors swung open so the little boy walked inside and the doors slammed closed. The little boy tried to open them but they locked themselves. The lights turned on and the little boy tried to find a way out. Minutes later someone else knocked on the door. So Joe shouted help help but the people were already gone. And that little boy was not seen again. And that's why you should never go out trick or treating on your own, you should go with an adult.

By Ashley Day aged 10.