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04-11-06, 23:47
Hello! I am searching for descendents of Erik Stafvas born 1710 on Staf farm in Öfvermalax, FI and wife, Anna Danielssdotter.
They had a son, Matts Eriksson born 14 Mar 1754 Staf farm. His son, Mickel Mattsson born 10 Sep 1781 and his son, Elias Mickelsson Eldén born 14, Apr 1829. Then my great grandfather, August Alexander Eliasson Eldén Toivonen, b. 05 Dec 1863. I'm trying to piece together their story and how they came to America.
August Toivonen returned to FI where he died in 1901 or 02. My grandfather Arvo J Toivonen, aka John A. Larson, made two trips to USA in 1902 and 1909. I would like to find out why he returned to FI and then emigrated again. My g-grandmother was Anna Sofia Annasdotter Rantala Nybacka Toivonen. She may have gone to Ashtabula, OH in 1900 and I don't know if it was with or without August.
Arvo settled eventually in Houghton, MI, marrying Mamie Marshall had four children, and then dying about 1925 in Newberry, MI.

Gunnel S
05-11-06, 22:57
I´m a descendent of Erik Staf, born 1710.
But in my genealogy Mats Eriksson and Catharina Andersdotter don't have any son with the name Mickel Mattsson born 10 Sept 1781.

Staf, Mathias (Mats) Eriksson. Born 14 March 1754 in Övermalax. Died 28 July 1809 in Malax. Nämndeman. (Död på Wasa Fjerden)
Married 4 February 1776 in Malax to Röfwars, Catharina (Cajsa) Andersdotter. Born 20 November 1753 in Tölby, Korsholm. Died 29 April 1834 in Malax.

Erik Mattsson. Born 14 December 1776 in Övermalax. Died 19 July 1778 in Malax.
Beata Mattsdotter. Born 23 February 1778 in Övermalax. Died 27 July 1778 in Malax.
Elisabet "Lisa" Mattsdotter. Born 6 June 1779 in Övermalax.
Daniel Mattsson. Born 10 June 1780 in Övermalax. Died 4 August 1780 in Malax.
Anna Mattsdotter. Born 29 December 1781 in Övermalax. Died 1 January 1782 in Malax.
Anna Mattsdotter. Born 29 May 1782 in Övermalax.
Catharina Mattsdotter. Born 23 May 1783 in Övermalax. Died 23 July 1783 in Malax.
Johannes "Johan" Mattsson. Born 16 August 1784 in Övermalax. Died 24 October 1846 in Malax.
Mathias Mattsson. Born 24 April 1786 in Övermalax. Died 2 August 1786 in Malax.
Catharina (Cajsa) Mattsdotter. Born 7 July 1787 in Övermalax.
Maria Mattsdotter. Born 2 November 1789 in Övermalax. Died 17 November 1861 in Malax.
Erik Mattsson. Born 7 November 1790 in Övermalax. Died 30 November 1790 in Malax.
Ulrica Mattsdotter. Born 5 September 1792 in Övermalax. Died 31 August 1793 in Malax.
Beata Mattsdotter. Born 15 December 1793 in Övermalax. Died 12 June 1797 in Malax.


05-11-06, 23:10
Thank you for replying. I believe we have the same beginnings. I could have put in an incorrect name. It does get confusing after awhile! If you have a thread that will bring us to August Eliasson Eldén and Arvo Johannes ?Eldén? Toivonen, I would be very interested to know about it. Also any stories you may have pertaining to the ones who emigrated.

Gunnel S
06-11-06, 22:11
Unfortunately I have nobody with the name Eldén in my genealogy. Do you know the place where Elias Mickelsson Eldén was born?
It would be interesting to know the connection to the Staf-family.


06-11-06, 22:40

From information sent to me from FI, everyone seems to be from
parts of Merikarvia. Malax, Overmalax etc. The person who did the search for me began with John A. Larson aka Arvo Johannes Toivonen, born 30, April 1893.

This person found Arvo's parents to be: August Eliasson aka *Elden aka Toivonen and Anna Sofia Annasdotter Rantala Nybacka. All from Merikarvia. There was a first born son who died in infancy. Anna's father we believe was named Rantala who died. Her mother then married a crofter Nybacka and she used the farm name at one time. We don't know why they used the name Toivonen. The line, from what I was told, went back to Staf.
*We also don't know why the name Eldèn was taken -another
farm name?

If my information is incorrect, then I'm back to the beginning at my big brick wall!


Gunnel S
07-11-06, 21:59

Tonight I have checked the Staf family.

Elias Mickelsson was born in Övermalax 14 Apr 1829 on Staf farm. But it was his mother Catharina Mattsdotter, who was from Staf, not his father Michel.

Erik Staf 1710
Staf Matts Eriksson, b 1754
Staf Catharina Mattsdotter, b. 1787
Staf Elias Mickelsson, b. 1829

Elias moved to Merikarvia and was married twice.

So your information is correct!


07-11-06, 22:15

Thank you so much for confirming my information is correct!

Did any of your direct line emigrate to the USA?

Except for my grandfather, Arvo Johannes, aka John A Larson, my parents and other grandparents were born in America; Houghton County Michigan.
G-grandparents were born in Finland with one branch on my mother's mother's side from Norway.

If you have knowledge of why our family emigrated or any stories that pertain to our shared ancestors would you be willing to share them with me?
You may use my email address directly if you like or continue through the forum.
<kacab*aol.com > or <kbriggs1325*tvcconnect.net>

Thank you again for replying to my requests.