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06-11-06, 05:47
An error has been pointed out to me in regard to my genealogy records I have regarding Margeta Eriksdr. Strang, born 1683. The info. I have for her parents are Erik Eskilsson Koilkkalainen, b. 22 Feb. 1668 in Vimpela, and mother as Maria Martensdr. Aby, b 7 April 1669 in Evijarvi.
Looking at Talko someone else has Margeta's parents as Erik Martensson Strang-Loija, b. May 1661, and mother as Maria Mickelsdr. Karna, b. 1667 in Lappajarvi.

Can anyone solve this for me?


Jaska Sarell
06-11-06, 14:31
Hi Denise,

According to Strang-Spangar Family Society book "Het sitte Strangeja" (2001) the latter information is correct.

Ref. in the above mentioned book:
Section of descendants of Heikki (Henrik) Strang
Table 29 in page 139 (parents)
Table 75 in page 156 (Margeta's family)

Margeta's father and his 2nd wife and son Matts moved from Strang farm in Vimpeli (Sw. Vindala) to Löija farm in Veteli (Sw. Vetil) in 1713. Hence the name Löija for him, but not for Margeta who married in 1707.

:) Jaska

06-11-06, 15:48
Thank-you for the correction, Jaska.