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John Sundholm
06-11-06, 05:53
Hello all!

I'm new to this site. I live in Los Angeles, CA. Last name is Sundholm. I'm a descendant of the Frojdo and Drycksback families from Kronoby, and the Sundholm side of my family I believe was from Karleby. They emigrated to Ludington, MI in the 1800's.

Would love to hear from anyone who's related or has any info about these families (particularly the Sundholms)!!



06-11-06, 08:57
Do we have any clues who the Gustav Sundholm was who married Anna Matilda Fröjdö b. 1874 from Kronoby? I guess Anna Matildas pedigree is quite known - Christian Dahlin probably will contact you John... Christian is married to a close relative of yours.

Gustav Sundholm possibly from Karleby? Do you have any birth information of him John?

June Pelo
06-11-06, 17:30
Christian Dahlin can send you an ahnentafel of (Anna) Mathilda Fröjdö's lineage. If he doesn't have the data, I can send it. I have a record of births in Karleby, but it doesn't extend beyond 1859 so I couldn't check for Gust Sundholm. In Hiski there is a Sundholm in Pedersöre.

In the book I have about residents of Mason County, which includes Ludington, MI, there is just a short paragraph mentioning some Swede Finn families who lived there, including the Gust Sundholms. There's no further information about them.


William Dahlin
06-11-06, 18:40
1930 Federal Census Ludington, Mason,Michigan

Gust Sundholm
Age 54
Born: Finland
Wife: Lillie age 55

Children Arnold age 22
age 16
Martin age 14

William Bishof age 27

USA 1894
Freight Truck Driver at Railhead

Children born in Michigan

William Dahlin
06-11-06, 19:06
1920 Census Ludington, Mason, Michigan

Gustaf Sundholm
agd 45
born abt 1875. (b. 27 Oct 1875 draft records)
Birthplace Finland
Spouse: Matilda
Father & Mother born Finland
Home Owned
usa 1895

Matilda wife age 46

Hilding aage 15
Betina M age 14
Aarnold R age 12
Dorothy S age 6
Martin J age 4 10/12

World War I Draft Registration Card 1917=1918

Gus Sundholm
b. 27 Oct 1875
Nearest Relative Matilda Sundholm
Ludington, Michigan

June Pelo
07-11-06, 23:43

I have been in contact with someone in Ludington, MI who knew your Sundholm family there. They lived next to her grandparents, and she knew Hilding very well. She said she would be glad to share her information with you. I'll send you her e-mail address via private mail to you, so watch your private messages.


June Pelo
18-11-06, 23:42

I've been trying to find a Gustaf Sundholm in Finland who was born in 1875 and came up with these possibilities:

Gustaf Alfred Carlsson Djupsjöbacka, b. 21 Oct 1875, Terjärv, to America 17 Sep 1895. He was the son of Carl Gustaf Andersson Djupsund and Brita Johanna Andersdotter Wistbacka. This family was in 5 databases on Talko. (Byskata, Cronoby, Nygård. Andtbacka, and Westö)

In Karleby, I found Gustaf Johansson Gädda, b. 27 Oct 1875 in Larsmo, son of Johan Gädda and his wife Greta Lisa. (In Peltola database)

In Kronoby I found Gustaf Adolf Holm, b. 1875 in Edsevö, Pedersöre, to Jonas Jonasson Bredarholm-Holm and Sofia Johansdotter Sandsund. In Westö and Cronoby databases)

It's possible your Gustaf Sundholm could be one of these and he adopted the Sundholm name when he emigrated. I don't know if the two Gustafs from Karleby and Kronoby emigrated, but the one from Terjärv did. Perhaps someone on Finlander has more information about what happened to these three Gustafs.


19-11-06, 22:26
Hello John!

I noticed your thread today and my wife is from the Fröjdö-family. It's just as June has told, I have been searching descendants to theese Fröjdö-emigrants because my wife and mother-in-law (Fröjdö) is interested to hear from you.

I have a little information about mainly the Fröjdö-branch. The Sundholm family is new to me, but if they came from our area I am sure we can find more information about them too.

If you want my information about the Fröjdö's I could send it as a private message. About the Sundholm's I think we should see what possibly comes up at this forum.

Christian Dahlin

20-11-06, 14:30

I have Gustaf Johansson Gädda b. Oct 27 1875 in my database, he may be the one you're looking for. In the church record is a note "till America". He also had a brother Johannes b. May 24 1861 who went to America 1883. They may have changed their name to Sundholm. They were born in Larsmo, Eugmo.


06-03-07, 12:47
I have sent you an email about the Sundholms.

06-03-07, 23:29
Hi John,
Have you ever tried writing or calling the Pere Marquette Railroad for information regarding Gus Sundholm? Since that is where he was employed, maybe they have employee records that may hold some clues. Just a thought.



06-03-07, 23:37
Hi John,
Here are a couple more sights on Pere Marquette Railroad.





06-03-07, 23:40
Hi John,
I have always had wonderful results from librarians that are into genealogy. Here is a link for the Ludington Library. Maybe you'll find some information there.



06-03-07, 23:50
Hi John,
Could this be a relative of Gus Sundholm? Residence is in Felch, Michigan which is in Dickinson County in the Upper Peninsula. On his draft registration card he stated he was born in Purmo, Finland. Maybe this is the clue you need for Gustaf's birthplace.


John Anderson
15-04-07, 03:39

see where you are researching this drycksback clan.
Andrew & Sophia Drycksback had five sons and one daughter
Two or more of the sons came to the US. William, my grandfather, married
Hilda Erickson. His brother, Alexander, married Hildas sister, Anna.
William and Hilda stayed in the US. Alexander & Anna returned to Finland.
William changed his name to Anderson because of the pronunciation problem.
My father, Arthur, was the eldest son of William & Hilda. bor Jan 24, 1893.

If this is of any help in your research, let me know. I have a little more infor
that I received from the Finland Embassy.

Best wishes, John Anderson

15-04-07, 10:02
Hello John!

I am married to your 3rd cousin (Bodil Storvall) through Erik Eriksson Backnäs (b.1816) and I am very interested in knowing more about your lineage. Erik's son Anders Eriksson Backnäs was a farmer on Rudnäs in Kronoby. I have some information about his daughter Anna Andersdotter Backnäs and her descendants, but nothing about her other siblings and their families.

You are also related to the Fröjdö-Sundholm families which have been discussed before.

Any contact will be appreciated