View Full Version : Svenskspråkig service

Gunnar Damström
16-10-03, 20:24
Last year we had a discussion on Finlander about the lack of Swedish language customer service in some Finnish shops. Maybe this year visitors again noticed this inconveniency. Well, you can help mitigate this problem- write a letter to the shop keeper or manager urging him to consider distributing lapel marks indicating language proficiency to sales persons. Maybe this will result in a bonus system for employees obtaining language proficiency and prompt others to learn a language to get the same bonus.

Interestingly, last summer visiting the Hertonäs K-Rauta in Helsingfors a noticed several sales persons providing customer service in fluent Russian. Not once in the 25 or so years I have been a client to that shop have I recieved service in Swedish. Oh well.

The attached PDF file is a draft for text to letters to shop keepers.

Let's get those keyboards tapping!