View Full Version : Norden's 110th Jubilee

June Pelo
09-11-06, 22:10
On 21 October 2006 Norden newspaper celebrated its 110th anniversary and they have been receiving congratulations from many people and organizations, such as the American-Scandinavian Foundation, the Finlandia Foundation, plus various newspapers in Finland.

John Laine of the Finlandia Foundation wrote that Norden has provided vital support to Finnish culture in the US. Most of the Finnish immigrants were born and raised in the regions that were home to most of the Swedish-Finns - Österbotten, Nyland, Åboland and Åland. These immigrants brought a very high cultural profile to this country. He also wrote that the Sundquist Swede-Finn Culture Fund has grown to over $46,000. When it reaches $100,000, this fund will provide support each year to programs related to Swede-Finn culture.

Norden is the only nordic-scandinavian emigrant newspaper that is published in Swedish. Åbo Akademi conducted a survey of readers of the newspaper and a map was published showing where readers live. It's quite interesting to note that the majority of readers live in Washington state, California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Florida. In addition, there are 7 readers in Canada, 4 each in Minnesota and Maine, 2 each in Michigan, Oregon and Georgia, 1 each in Nevada, Colorado, Illinois and N. Carolina; and 5 in Texas.

Erik Hermans, editor of Norden, was interviewed by Susanne Palm-Wahlstedt and Susanne Skata and the program appeared on Finlands TV2.