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June Pelo
12-11-06, 23:06
"Journey" by Anjuska Kiriloff: A Scandinavian girl's journey to the West Indies, traveling from Finland to Turks and Caicos Island; maps and photos.
Available at Amazon.com

"Looking Back; Growing up in the Neva": by Helmi Koivisto. Tells of her parents' immigration from Finland in 1910 and how they survived in the UP. Available at: esprague*lighthouse.net

"Joy of Finnish American Cooking", the FinnGrandFest 2005 cookbook. Available at Parties Unlimited, 657 S. Pine, Ishpeming, MI 49849 906-486-9428

Aspasiabooks.com has a selection of Books: Seven Brothers; Juha; Winter War; Under the North Star; Foxy, Peikko, etc.
aspasia*aspasiabooks.com 705-426-7290

"A Godly Heritage", edited by Aila Faltz and Miriam Yliniemi. A historical view of the Laestadian revival and development of the Apostolic Lutheran Church in America, and its beginnings in northern Finland.
www.sprucegrovechurch.org 218-538-6615

"Finn Hollow of Fairport Ohio" and "Lempi of Finn Hollow", by Elaine Lillback.
10487 Johnnycake Ridge, Painesville, OH 44007 440-352-1044

"Are All the Heroes Gone?" Kalevala Stories for Today
Bluepearl books, 10008 422 St., Tamarack, MN 55787

"The Dancing Finn", by Ruth Jutila Chamberlin. Concerns an 1893 marriage in Finland and a Minnesota picnic in 1960.
Chamberlin, PO Box 65, Cougar, WA 98616 Balloontreenow*yahoo.com

"Death's Door"; The truth behind Michigan's largest mass murder (the 1913 Italian Hall tragedy) By Steve Lehto
www.momentumbooks.com or call 800-758-1870