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June Pelo
12-11-06, 23:13
Timo Sarpaneva, b. 1926 in Helsinki, d. 6 Oct 2006 in Helsinki. He was a master of glass, porcelain, cast iron and textile during his career of over 50 years. He began working at Iittala in 1950. He designed the current i-logo in 1956 and it was adopted by Iittala and used as a trademark for its products.

(Anyone visiting Finland can't help but notice Iittala products with the red i logo - I love it and have lots of their glassware.)


Jaska Sarell
13-11-06, 00:59
Tried to find some links for Sarpaneva works, not too successfully.

Virtual Finland (http://virtual.finland.fi/finfo/english/tsarpa.html) shows a few of his designs.

Video clips at YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) Living Archive:
Timo Sarpaneva (http://www.yle.fi/elavaarkisto/?s=s&g=4&ag=24&t=222&a=2315)
The first clip shows return from Milan Triennale in 1954, when both Timo Sarpaneva and Tapio Wirkkala won Grand Prix, both seen in the film.
In the last one Sarpaneva is shown at glassworks when glassware were made for Mäntyniemi, the new presidential residence.

:) Jaska