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Karen Norwillo
15-11-06, 19:34
Would someone be so kind as to translate this inscription from the flyleaf of my grandparent's Bible? I believe it was a gift to Gabriel Sulasalmi and Anna Lovisa Långsjö on their wedding in 1897 from her uncle Petter Johansson Langsea, his spelling of the surname used in US.

16-11-06, 06:38
Rough xlation:

"This Bible is as a remembrance of peter Långsjö , August 1st 1897. To Gabriel Mickelson and wife Anna Lovisa. May your thoughts be on God's words which has promises for this life and for the coming. - Read Josua bok 1. chapter verse 8. Psaltaren (eng?) 1:, Johannes evangelium (eng?) 3:16"


Karen Norwillo
16-11-06, 17:59
Thank you so much for the translation. My 98 year old aunt, my father's sister, just died and the Bible was found by her grand-daughter in her possessions. Unfortunately, it was destroyed after she scanned the inscription due to severe mold.